Joe Had Better Go To The Emmys With Sofia

As much as the Emmy Awards are about extremely talented individuals being honored for their work in television, and rightfully so, many fans (myself included) tune into see the fashion and who brings who as their date. For example, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello shippers are probably hoping to see the two finally walk the 2015 Emmy Awards red carpet hand-in-hand. So, will Joe Manganiello go to the Emmys with Sofia Vergara? Now that they're getting married and can't stop gushing about each other, their fans deserve to see them at the event together, especially after last year's fiasco.

If you don't know to what I'm referring, let me refresh your memory. At the 2014 Emmys, there were high hopes for Vergara and Manganiello to walk the red carpet together after the two pretty much made it known they were indeed a couple. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Seriously, what a let down! Why didn't they show up as a couple? Per Vergara, she didn't want him there, because he's just too gorgeous. As she told Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet, "He's really hot, that's why I didn't bring him. He's too hot and too tall. He takes up a lot of space. I'm like, 'Listen, Joe, please, don't go.'"

I'm sure the 43-year-old was teasing, like she usually does. She even gave the same answer when Entertainment Tonight asked her where the Magic Mike star was. "I didn't bring him," she said. "I told him you can’t come. You’re too hot, too sexy. He's too tall, he makes me look short."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Clearly, she uses her great sense of humor as a defense mechanism to avoid going in depth about her personal life, and I can't really blame her. Manganiello even announced on Twitter that he wouldn't be at the Emmys. Here's what he tweeted:

Where's the love for Vergara, huh? Seeing as their relationship was still somewhat new at this point, maybe he was playing coy, like the Modern Family actress. Let's just hope he shows some love and support to his fiancée this year, because he really needs to make up for last time.

What are the chances he'll go? Well, if he's not busy filming or doesn't have a prior obligation, I have a good feeling he'll show up to walk the carpet with Vergara. They've attended several movie premieres together, including Hot Pursuit and Magic Mike XXL, so when it comes to the Emmys, yeah, I'm sure he'll be there by her side.

If not, there's no doubt Vergara can hold her own during the event.