'Modern Family' Deserves to Win So Hush!

On Monday night, Twitter exploded with hatred when Modern Family won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. I was confused since I thought people liked to laugh and that's the point of the comedy category... but apparently not. Sure, I can understand the argument that they've won five years in a row, so someone else deserves a shot. But if that's the case, maybe the other shows should step it up. There's definitely a reason Modern Family keeps raking in the awards, and I'll gladly explain why.

Before continuing, I want to address the disappointment of Orange Is The New Black fans. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the show yet (I know, I'm the worst!), but isn't it considered a comedy-drama? A "dramedy" is not the same as a comedy — it's just not. It's like 16 Handles winning an award for best ice cream shop. Let me break it down: frozen yogurt is amazing and I will eat it at any opportunity, but it is simply not ice cream. Though they may seem similar, they're two totally different things. (Yes, in this analogy, OITNB is the fro-yo, and MoFy is the ice cream.)

Here's what I looked like after seeing all those tweets filled with hate, hate, hate, hate:

I'll admit that I didn't expect to like Modern Family either. But sure enough, all of those marathons on USA converted me into a fan. Now I watch reruns of it regularly. My favorite kind of weekends are the ones where I lay on the couch and do nothing but watch #MoFyFriday marathons with my sister. Don't knock it 'til you try it! The show makes me laugh. It's made me laugh until I cry (the episode where Claire gets a bloody nose). And once or twice, it made me cry-cry (um, have you seen Mitch and Cam's wedding? SO PERFECT).

Because I don't think I've convinced you yet, allow me to list some of the reasons this show is glorious:

Phil Dunphy is a fantastic father

His award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy? There was a reason for that. Phil tries so hard to be a good dad. He's quirky, yet endearing. Oh, and how can you not love his magic tricks?

But then again, Jay Pritchett is great too

For those of you who miss Married with Children, Ed O'Neill's character on this show is wonderful too. He's there for all his kids — whether Mitchell, Claire, Manny, or his newest baby with Gloria.

Strong female characters

Claire is tough and wears the pants in her relationship. Gloria is fierce, funny, and all-around awesome. She raised Manny as a single mom. Despite the craziness surrounding these two, they're the rocks that hold their families together.

No cookie-cutter kids

On the surface, they may seem like stereotypes, but they're not. Alex is more than the smart girl, Haley is more than the girly girl, Luke is... I don't know what he is really, but he's special in his own way. And my personal fave, Manny, isn't afraid to be unique.


Not only in terms of ethnicity, but also family structure. There's the re-married single mom, and the gay couple with an adopted daughter. Basically, it shows that no two families are the same and that's perfectly fine.

Tackles Real Issues

From death of a loved one to adopting a child, it covers serious topics. At the same time, they're presented in a heartwarming, humorous way.

It's Relatable

The episode where Haley went away to college? I think I teared up at that one too. Overall, this family goes through tons of ups and downs. With so many characters, it's impossible to not find one that reminds you of you.

Supports Gay Marriage

Like I mentioned before, I cried at Mitch and Cam's wedding. It was beautiful, despite everything up to that moment going wrong. Not many network shows feature gay couples, let alone their marriages. This was a milestone moment.

It's Hilarious

This is the most important characteristic of a comedy, yes? I dare you to not laugh when watching the Las Vegas episode (which led to Gail Mancuso winning the Outstanding Directing in a Comedy award). It's just hilarious, simple as that.

In conclusion, these are only some of the reasons why Modern Family is amazing. Personally, I think the only other contender that deserved the title was Big Bang Theory. But based on the reaction Jim Parsons received from his Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, I'm guessing no one agrees with me on that either... I'll spare you the grief and leave it at this: if you actually give either show a chance (which shouldn't be a problem since they're constantly in syndication), you won't be disappointed.

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