Vanessa's Arguments To Win 'BB17'

It's been a love hate relationship with Vanessa throughout Big Brother 17. On one hand, I see someone who has played a slightly sloppy game. She's made moves that I personally wouldn't have made. She questions too many people and acts beyond paranoid that as a viewers you want to scream at the television. On the other (bloody) hand, Vanessa has made some big moves this season. She's made enough big moves that I'd say Vanessa could win Big Brother 17 . But it all comes down to if Vanessa can convince the jury that she deserves the win.

The jury discussion is one of the most important nights of the season. If you blow it, your ex-housemates might award the person sitting next to you the $500,000. But, if you bring up the right things and prove that you've played the superior game, well get ready to make it rain, because you'll have the jury eating out of the palm of your hand. Vanessa's chances of winning are already high, since the jury is aware that she's been playing a mean game. But who of the jury will Vanessa win votes from? That's a toss-up, because it really depends on who Vanessa is sitting next to. As of now, it seems like Liz has a great chance of making it into the final two with Steve or Vanessa. In that case, Vanessa could definitely win sitting next to Liz. Don't believe us? Check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room, for a rundown of how Vanessa could garner the votes she needs.

Even though Vanessa does seem to have the votes in her favor, it doesn't hurt to remind the jury just why she should win the game. Here are Vanessa's most important points for convincing the jury she deserves the half a million dollars.

She Got Out Huge Threats

Austin was a big threat to this game. He was a strong competitor and had a pretty ruling hand over the house. Vanessa evicting him (TO HIS FACE, AMAZING) was the biggest blindside of the season, made many people happy, and will definitely benefit her in the future. As for Johnny Mac, he has a lot of friends in jury, so eliminating him only further Vanessa's chances of winning.

She Was HOH Four Times, Veto Holder Three

Not too shabby for someone who didn't want to get blood on her hands. Vanessa's competition wins only further her chance at convincing the jury she's worthy of the prize. It seems like this year's jury is pretty dependent on HOH wins as being "a thing" that makes you a worthy competitor (UM, HELO... Anyone remember BB16's Derrick?). Luckily, Vanessa has enough wins in her name to make the jury happy.

She Was Nominated Twice

Vanessa managed to stay off the block almost every single week. The only real nomination was when she was next to Shelli in Week 7, and even then, she was a replacement nominee. Vanessa's second nomination was in the final four nomination ceremony, which shouldn't really count because there were only three people for Steve to choose from, and the Veto winner (Vanessa) was the sole vote of the week.

She Fought To Make Sure She Was Up Against Liz

As of now, Vanessa is fighting to make sure Liz comes to the final two with her. Why? Because she knows she'll beat Liz. Unlike past Big Brother players (cough, Cody) who take sure-thing winners to the final two (cough, Derrick), Vanessa is training Liz to win the second HOH competition, so they can take each other, so Vanessa can win.

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