Little Mix Just Previewed Their New Single

Heads up, Mixers: U.K. pop group Little Mix just previewed "Love Me Like You," the second single to be lifted from their upcoming new album, Get Weird (due out Nov. 6). The two songs we've heard from the project so far — "Black Magic" and "Hair" — are both fantastic, so my expectations for this next release are fairly high. What does "Love Me Like You" sound like? Well, when the band shared a snippet of the track on Twitter early Friday morning, they wrote that they were giving us "some retro vibes" — and I think that's a perfect description. We only get to hear about 14 seconds of the tune, but it definitely sounds as though it was inspired by the iconic girl groups of the '50s and '60s. In fact, the good people over at music website Popjustice had the chance to listen to "Love Me Like You" in full, and they compared it to The Ronette's 1963 classic, "Be My Baby." That's high praise!

Popjustice also called "Love Me Like You" a "full-throttle Actual Pop triumph," complete with "big melodies, big voices," and "loads of sparky songwriting tricks and flourishes." Uh, sign me up! I can't wait to hear the whole thing. Check out the "Love Me Like You" preview below.

Here's what I love about Little Mix lately: they're not following pop music trends. Get Weird's lead offering, "Black Magic," may have gone No. 1 in their native United Kingdom — and it's their highest-charting single in the United States to date — but it doesn't sound like anything else on the radio at the moment. Little Mix didn't enlist the help of a "producer of the moment" in order to fit in and score a quick hit. No, instead, they recorded a weird, campy, but totally charming (no pun intended) bubblegum pop number that fits their unique brand — and it paid off big time.

Are early '60s doo-wop–inspired pop songs like "Love Me Like You" "hot" right now? No, not exactly. So what? The women of Little Mix don't care. They're just out there doing their own thing — and it's awesome. "Love Me Like You" premieres on Sept. 25.

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