4 Ways To Help Spread Awareness During #BiWeek

Next week will mark the second annual Bisexual Awareness Week, with September 23 being “International Celebrate Bisexuality Day.” As with any awareness week, the events that will be taking place from September 20-26 will highlight issues about diversity in the bisexual community and for those who are not bi, how to be an ally to them. As we come to realize just how complex human sexuality is, and very few people are completely a zero or a six on the Kinsey Scale, the second annual Bisexual Awareness Week aims to promote bisexuality, in a way that will make people have a clearer understanding of it.

According Heron Greenesmith, LGBT Movement and Policy Analyst at the Movement Advancement Project, unlike in the gay and lesbian community, where more than half of them are out, only a third of the bisexual community are out to their friends and family. As for those who do come out as bi, Greenesmith notes that studies have found that two-thirds of them end up being subjected to negative comments and because of this, bisexual people are more likely to suffer health issues because of how their coming out is received.

It’s important for all sexualities to be recognized and respected, and we need our culture to step it up when it comes to acceptance of all aspects of the LGBT community. Whether you’re bi, gay, lesbian, sexually fluid, straight or have chosen a label that works best for you, here are four ways you can help raise awareness.

1. Use The Bisexual Awareness Week Hashtag In A Positive Way

Since the dawn of Twitter, hashtags have ruled when it comes to awareness and trending topics. Even if you don’t have a personal story about bisexuality, just putting the #BiWeek hashtag out there on Twitter will raise awareness for those who aren’t in the know. They’ll click on the hashtag and see what’s going on, and it’s the easiest way to show your support.

2. Attend An Event In Your Area

There are events celebrating bisexuality all over the country, most notably in big cities like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. From Sunday coffee on the 20th in Portland to the Bi+ Community Health and Wellness Festival in D.C., there’s no shortage of events to attend. Bring along your friends, too.

3. Take To Social Media To Spread The Word

Even if you can’t make it to an event, you can still repost and retweet events that are going on around the country. Along with making good use of the hashtag, you can also post icons and memes that raise awareness of bisexuality. The website has more than a few from which to choose.

4. Educate Yourself And Share What You Learn

Because the bisexual community is so marginalized and suffer mental and physical health issues because of it, it’s important to inform yourself about what being bisexual really means. Educate yourself on the history of the word bisexual, examine statistics about those who are bisexual, and share what you know with others. If confronted by one of those naysayers who claim that bisexuality doesn’t existgroan ― throw out your facts and figures and correct their error.

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