The Most Awkward 2015 Emmys Moments

As great as it is, television is not quite as glamorous as film, so the classy expectations we have for the Oscars don't necessarily carry over to television's night to shine. While Sunday night's Emmy awards ceremony was entertaining in a lot of ways, there were some awkward moments at the 2015 Emmy Awards, too. While the show was in Andy Samberg's capable hosting hands, some hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy moments were unavoidable.

It's live television, y'all, what do you expect? Perfection may be aspired to, but it's neither possible nor necessary. I want my stars to be totally real all of the time, so I live for moments like the ones below. They makes everyone seem human and relatable. I expect that, sometimes, people fall down. I expect that sometimes jokes will fall flat — that's what makes the good jokes so good by comparison. I expect that we're going to learn something about an actor or actress that we may not have wanted to know, but that will give us something to think about whenever we see their face in the future.

Here are some of the most awkward moments from the 2015 Emmys Get ready for a bumpy ride.

Allison Janney Tosses Her Blotting Paper

It was actually kind of awesome, but awkward if it hit anybody offstage.

Weird Porn/Portlandia Joke

Maybe I just wasn't ready because this happened so early in the night.

Ricky Gervais Gets Dark

His photo-op ended strong, but the ramble up to it was so awkward and depressing.

"Well, You're A Hot Virgin"

That's one way to do presenter chemistry, I guess.

Jimmy Kimmel Eats An Emmy Winner

This bit grew on me, but it took a while.

Every Show Is Spoiled

A montage celebrating every show that ended this season... gave away the ending to every show that ended this season. Thanks?

Will Forte's Beard

Not just a bit for the Emmy opening song, apparently.

Viola Davis Is Mislabeled

If you thought it was awkward when the Game of Thrones writers got the first bleep of the night, what about when they falsely called Viola Davis an Oscar Winner?

"The Girl I Asked How To Pronounce Her Name"

Don't admit that, Jamie Lee Curtis! She made it awkward and about herself. Thankfully, Uzo Aduba's acceptance speech made history and made me cry.