9 Pumpkin Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

Step aside pumpkin spice latte, these pumpkin beauty products are equal parts delicious (smelling, don't eat them!) and good for your body! Each of them will help make sure you look and feel your best on Halloween — and every other day of the year. Be the shameless pumpkin fanatic you are at your core and indulge!

For the record, you can love pumpkin without being a basic bitch. Many Bustle writers are proudly obsessed and have even expressed their borderline romance with the seasonal drink through Christina Aguilera lyrics. You can also find pumpkin spice latte recipes to make at home and all the ways drinking a PSL makes you a better person.

Beyond being crazy delicious when mixed with espresso and copious amounts of sugar, physical squashy pumpkin has a lot of beauty benefits that seem to be forgotten in the shadows next to coconut oil. Pumpkin is packed with Vitamin A and C which contribute to collagen production, fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy for brighter and smoother skin and hair. What's more, there are zinc in the seeds to combat acne. Why are we not all bathing in canned pumpkin already?!

There's no better time than fall to give pumpkin its well-deserved time in the beauty spotlight. I'd say buy these products for you and your friends, but honestly, you're just going to want to keep them all for yourself.

1. Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

This moisturizing nighttime lotion has a deliciously subtle scent and is safe for sensitive skin.

(Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, $19.35,

2. Organic Pumpin Puree Mud Mask

This bright orange face mask is perfect for battling clogged pores and oily skin. It also has active yogurt cultures for some seriously cleansing probiotic love.

(Organic Pumpkin Puree Mud Maas, $22, FarmHouseFreshGoods)

3. Pumpkin Facial Scrub

This exfoliator features pumpkin oil to boost your glow.

(Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub, $28, Peter Lamas)

4. Pumpkin Seed Lip Balm

Mmmmmm the sweet, pumpkin-y taste of nourished lips.

(Lip Balm, $16, Senna)

5. Pumpkin Pie Shower Gel

Ugh, I love everything Philosophy puts out, and this dreamy shower gel is no exception.

(Pumpkin Shower Gel, $10.16, Philosophy)

6. Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner

Forget shampoo and conditioner because this blissful-smelling, hydrating cleansing conditioner is all you need for healthy hair.

(Ginger Pumpkin Conditioner, $32, WEN)

7. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Lotion

OK, if I closed my eyes, I'd swear this shea-packed lotion was a PSL.

(Marshmallow Pumpkin Lotion, $13, Bath And Body Works)

8. Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo

Safe for colored hair and super moisturizing.

(Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo, $6.99, HealthySexyHair)

9. Regenerating Pumpkin Lotion

This petro-chemical-free lotion infused with pumpkin extract works to heal sun damage and promote collagen production. Yum.

(Regenerating Lotion, $54.99, Arcona)

Images: Courtesy of Brands