9 Christina Aguilera Lyrics That Perfectly Articulate Your Love Of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Raise your hand if the feelings you have toward the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte are borderline romantic. Obviously, we can't see each other, but I raised my hand, and I'm assuming that you all did too. For those that didn't, you might be pegging me as "so basic" right now, but hey — if being basic is wrong, I don't want to be...um...elaborate. The utopian elixir is officially available on September 8, although Bustle's Lucia Peters has the 411 on how you can get your hands on a PSL right now. The fall staple will also feature ingredients that include real pumpkin this go-round in case that is important to you. I, personally, judged my love of the PSL by deliciousness — not authenticity. If I wanted natural ingredients to start my morning, I'd just go eat an actual pumpkin — amiright? I digress...

If you're like me, the unremitting love you hold for frothy caffeinated beverages is only paralleled by your adulation for Christina Aguilera lyrics. Ah, the finest things in life. While it may seem like PSLs and Aguilera lyrics are worlds apart, nothing could be farther from the truth. The raw passion and deft wordplay peppered throughout Aguilera's songs are actually perfect for articulating your feelings for a PSL — especially when its decadence renders you speechless.

Rub the sleep from your eyes and get ready to perk up in the tastiest way possible by pairing these Aguilera lyrics with your PSL.

1. "I Told My Mother, My Brother, My Sister & My Friend" — "Ain't No Other Man"

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Share the wealth! Drinking a PSL is a luxurious experience that should be enjoyed by all. Tell your favorite people to come and join you for one before you all take a yoga class, eat a kale salad, wear a fashionable scarf, or whatever else "basic" people like us enjoy. Sidebar: Is it just me, or is being basic actually fantastic? Cheers!

2. "But That Don't Mean It's Gotta Be Tonight" — "Genie In A Bottle"

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Use this lyric to remind yourself that — as wonderful as PSLs are — caffeinated, sugary beverages are best consumed during the daytime.

3. "I Wanna Thank You For Giving Me Time To Breathe / Like A Rock You Waited So Patiently" — "What A Girl Wants"

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Although many of us would like the PSL to be available all year round, the fact that the beverage is seasonal means that our appreciation for it will never wane.

4. "You Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say / Words Can't Bring You Down" — "Beautiful"

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For anyone making derogatory remarks about the precious PSL (i.e., my guy friend who DARED to utter the words "I am so sick of hearing about this stupid drink"), stay true to your stance on the beauty that is seasonal lattes.

5. "For A Shield From The Storm / For A Friend, For A Love To Keep Me Safe & Warm / I Turn To You" — "I Turn To You"

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Do I even need to explain this one?

6. "All I Want Is You / Come Over Here Baby" — "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)"

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A part of you may want to belt this lyric out while anxiously awaiting your PSL to be bestowed upon you. To avoid an awkward moment in a crowded Starbucks, simply replay this lyric on a continuous loop in your head; humming is OK too, in case the excitement becomes overwhelming.

7. "Makes Me That Much Stronger / Makes Me Work A Little Bit Harder" — "Fighter"

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That espresso can definitely amp up your productivity.

8. "I Met Him Out For Dinner On A Friday Night / He Really Had Me Working Up An Appetite" — "Candyman"

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No, I'm not asking you to assign gender to your PSL (that would be weird), so just forget the "he" in these lyrics. Still, despite its richness, a PSL can invariably lead to an order of biscotti, pumpkin bread (OMG, pumpkin bread! Is that not the best?!), or the like.

9. "You're All I Need When I'm Holding You Tight / If You Walk Away, I Will Suffer Tonight" — "Bound To You"

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Hey, I told you guys that my feelings toward PSLs are borderline romantic. And — let's face it — we all want to keep a firm grip on our respective lattes.

Who needs summer sunshine and beaches when we have fall beverages and Christina Aguilera lyrics at our disposal? Don your fashionable scarves, riding boots, and cue up your iTunes (I'm assuming you have a full playlist dedicated to Aguilera, right?) to embrace the new season.

Images: VEVO; Bustle/Instagram