Katy Perry Should've Been At The Emmys

She's already won one, so why isn't Katy Perry at the Emmys then? Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that her victory came earlier this week .But what for, you might ask?! Did we miss a Perry cameo on some of our favorite shows and just forget about it? Not exactly. You see, back in July, Katy Perry's team was nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy. OK, OK — so technically speaking Katy Perry wasn't nominated, but her team was, and that's pretty close!

The Creative Arts Emmys — in case you aren't in the know — is a particular class of Emmy awards that recognizes technical achievements in TV, such as art directing, costume, cinematography, and sound editing (to name a few). Both Primetime (the big name awards that airs this Sunday, September 20), and the Daytime awards (the awards already held back in April) award their Creative Arts Emmys prior to their actual ceremonies. Phew, that's a lot of details about the Emmys I never knew existed. It also explains why Taylor Swift already posted selfies with her Emmy a few weeks ago. Side note: the two long standing frenemies just happened to be up for Emmys this year. As if the tension wasn't high enough!

According to the Hollywood Report, Katy Perry's costume team picked up the Emmy for "Outstanding Costumes For A Variety Program Or A Special" along with an episode of Comedy Central's Drunk History (because apparently, for the Interactive Emmys, each category can have more than one winner).

Interestingly enough, this means Katy Perry actually snagged an Emmy before a Grammy. Well, sort of. By proxy anyway.

And in case you were ever worried that #LeftShark wouldn't get the proper recognition he deserves, Katy Perry thanked her most notorious backup dancer back in July.

It would have been nice to see her and that adorable — and talented! — marine creature by her side, though. Maybe next year?

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