The 'Hey Dude' Cast Looks Way Different Today

As a proud member of Generation Y, many of my nostalgic reveries include the quality programming that was bestowed upon me courtesy of Nickelodeon. Thanks to things like YouTube and Netflix, '90s kids can revisit several of these beloved programs in a binge-watching session of the ages. Many fans remember Melissa Joan Hart breaking down life lessons in Clarissa Explains It All, campfire stories from Are You Afraid of the Dark? that were scary enough to make you sleep with the lights on, and the fact that All That really was all that. Nestled within these hits was the popular — yet somewhat underrated — western comedy, Hey Dude. The show centered on a group of teenagers working at a ranch called the Bar None, which was owned by the genial — and delightfully eccentric — Mr. Ernst.

Along with coaxing us all to take up horseback riding lessons, the series was full of uproarious antics, heartwarming moments, #FriendshipGoals, and even a love triangle (more on that in a bit).

It has been over 25 years since the series graced our respective television screens, and I think it is high-time we check in on the actors who portrayed such memorable characters. Some of the cast from Hey Dude decided to exit the entertainment field following the show's cancellation, while others went on to stardom. Many cast members are barely recognizable (hey, two decades changes a lot), but I submit you will be just as happy to see the crew today as you were back in 1989.

1. David Brisbin

Brisbin played the Mr. Ernst, who owned the Bar None dude ranch. An affable boss, his over-the-top antics and zeal often frazzled his employees as hilarity would ensue. Here's what Brisbin looked like during his Hey Dude days:

Nice. Here's what the actor looks like now:

Brisbin's most recent acting credit is a guest appearance on the FX hit, Justified. He also appeared on Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and Bones, among other series. Clearly, Mr. Ernst is looking a bit more stoic these days.

2. Debra Kalman

Kalman played Lucy, the authoritative ranch hand at Bar None. Someone had to keep everybody in line, amiright? Here's what Kalman looked like during her Hey Dude days:

Love that hat! Here's what the former actress looks like now:

According to UPROXX, Kalman no longer works as an actress, but returned to teaching after some brief acting stints following her Nickelodeon fame. She did, however, reunite with some Hey Dude alums during the 2014 ATX Festival in Austin, Texas.

3. Christine Taylor

Taylor played girl-next-door Melody, who was my personal favorite. Check out her on fleek attempts at flirting, complete with propositions of orange soda and a faux backstory below, as well her Hey Dude look:

So much nostalgia. Here's the actress now:

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor went on to have a successful acting career and is currently married to Ben Stiller. She starred alongside her beau in the mega-hit film, Zoolander, and is slated to reprise her role in the sequel.

4. Joe Torres

Due to the fact that Torres completely fell off the grid following Hey Dude, there are no current confirmed photos of the actor who played Danny Lightfoot. Hopefully, wherever Torres is, he's doing well.

5. Kelly Brown

Brown played spunky Brad, who may have been the best horse rider on the ranch. Here's what the Bar None employee looked like during her Hey Dude days:

Brown left acting to marry her high school sweetheart and start a family after the show wrapped. She discussed what she has been up to during an interview with HuffPost Live, which includes owning three different businesses in New York. Impressive!

6. David Lascher

Lascher played mischievous troublemaker, Ted, who alternated between aggravating and enchanting Brad — #RelationshipGoals. Here's what the lovable instigator looked like during his Hey Dude days:

Adorable — yet cunning. Here's what the actor looks like now:

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since his Nickelodeon days, Lascher has appeared on several series, including Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, and Melissa & Joey.

7. Jonathan Galkin

Galkin was cast as Mr. Ernst's nephew, Jake Decker, from Los Angeles during Lascher's brief reprieve from the show. Here's what the actor looked like during his Hey Dude days:

Here's what Galkin looks like today:

Galkin attended the ATX reunion with other cast members and also discussed what he's been up to during an interview with Scott Rogowsky of RunningLateShow. Unlike other cast members, his love of acting ended up waning, so he chose a different career route.

Images: Nickelodeon (8); FX; YouTube