Prepare For The Ultimate Binge-Watching Experience

by Tracy Dye

I'm likely one of thousands (millions?) of people that can admit binge-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. With Netflix providing a smorgasbord of old favorites alongside original hits (hi, Orange Is The New Black), there's plenty to choose from when you've had enough of the grand old outdoors and are craving some quality time with your sofa. You may think that binge-watching involves little to no preparation. After all, the only thing we need to do to prepare is sit down and log on, right? WRONG.

As a seasoned binge-watcher, I've learned that several steps need to be taken if you want to get the most our of an extended viewing sessions. You have to consider things like the food you are going to eat, the attire that will be most comfortable (spoiler alert: it's sweatpants), and whether or not you want to have a comrade come along for the ride or if you'd prefer to binge solo. Also, can you commit to several hours of time, or is there a chance that something will come up with your select group of friends that could lead to a serious case of FOMO? Before you get overwhelmed, I'm happy to report that I have come up with an extensive list that will fully prepare you for the ideal binge-watching session. Enjoy!

Block Off A Large Chunk Of Time

You're going to want a substantial amount of hours (days) available to you in order to enjoy a proper binge-watching session. One minute you're completely caught up on Scandal and then before you know it a recommendation for Futurama pops up, or the new season of Orange Is The New Black drops. What I'm trying to say is, be prepared.

Stock Up On Snacks

As times begins to lapse, we're all bound to get hungry. You don't want to find the gnawing grate of hunger vacating your belly when a major cliffhanger just happened on House of Cards. Stock up.

Decide If You Want To Invite Friends...

My best friend, Alice, and I have a ritual of binge-watching Scandal together. Along with turning to each other at the end of each episode and exclaiming, "WHAT just happened?!" I couldn't picture watching it without her.

...And Which Friends You Want To Invite...

Let's face it: some people don't make for the best binge-watching comrades. We love our friends, but when we're in the middle of a movie or show and said friend chimes in with something like, "Oh! This is the part where [insert statement that ruins the entire thing for everyone]" then, yeah, it's time to go. Bye.

...Or If You Want To Binge Solo...

Binge-watching can be the quintessential "me time" we all crave.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Elastic waistbands #FTW — am I right?!

Pick A Time With Limited Interruptions

You don't want your binge-watching party getting crashed by things like a jackhammer outside your apartment, various guests in your home, or that parade you forgot was happening on your street. Make sure the coast in going to be clear when you select a time to binge.

Stake Out A Good Spot

Whether it's your bedroom, your living room, your basement, or your boyfriend's bed (he's got that sweet memory foam mattress and is working a double shift so it's all yours!), scope out a spot that you're going to be comfortable in for at least the entirety of one season of House of Cards.

Pre-Plan What You're Going To Watch

You never know where a good binge-watch is going to lead you, but it's nice to have at least somewhat of an idea of what you're looking to catch up on or have been dying to see. Those menu options can be overwhelming!

Avoid FOMO

Before you decide on an ideal time for your binge-watching session, be sure to give a quick look-see to those Facebook invites you never pay attention to. Why was Greg wearing an oversized foam hat at Shannon's barbecue? Sure, you can find out the answer easily by texting Shannon, but all those Instagram photos (that hat is totally on fleek since they added the Valencia filter, btw) are a cruel reminder that you weren't there to see things go down. UGH.


OK guys, let's get serious. Binge-watching isn't for the faint of heart. You need to have a pantry that is stocked, the ability to watch a screen for extended periods of time, the right attire (sweatpants), and you have to be willing to elongate your binge-watching session when things like cliffhangers or unexpected recommendations pop up. Take breaks to rest your eyes, keep hydrated, and persevere.

Happy binging, everyone!

Images: NBC; Giphy (11)