Jon Stewart & His Team Deserved These Emmys

Jon Stewart didn't step down from his Comedy Central show all that long ago on Aug. 6, but he's already terribly missed. That's why fans were excited to see whether or not The Daily Show with Jon Stewart would win an Emmy on Sunday night. What better way to send the anchor off than to give him one last accolade? Well, fortunately this was Stewart's year and the show won the prized spot of Outstanding Variety Talk Series. In addition to being nominated for that category, the Comedy Central show was also up for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series (they won it); Outstanding Directing (they also won this); and Outstanding Technical Direction, Camera Work, and Video Control (the only category they lost).

Seeing the show win was a nice way to say goodbye to Stewart in that role once and for all. The Daily Show was up against some stiff competition. Also competing was the recently concluded Colbert Report, and other comedic genius shows like Inside Amy Schumer, Key & Peele, and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. With co-nominees like that it's impressive that Stewart and his team walked away with the win.

But, Sunday's ceremony wasn't the only time the show's been praised by the academy. The Daily Show with John Stewart collected 23 awards from 60 nominations during its run. So, their 2015 victories were just more in a long line of successes.

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After the first winner's announcement, the show elected to let one of the other writers besides Stewart make the speech, which was a nice way to remind everyone that, while Stewart was a vital part of the show, it will go on without him. He'll be missed on The Daily Show, but at least he made an impact while he was on board, and collected plenty of recognition along the way. Oh, and at least we have this beard to remember him by.