Brooks Should Appear On 'RHOC's Season 10 Reunion

by Kayla Hawkins

The tenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has proven that the OGs still have plenty of dramatic juice left. So, will highly-controversial boyfriend Brooks Ayers be on the RHOC Season 10 reunion? There's a good chance that he'll make at least a brief appearance, since he's been on those couches, taking heat from Andy Cohen and the women the past few seasons. Somehow, controversy always manages to follow Brooks wherever he goes, and this season has been no exception. He's been a lightening rod for conflict between the ladies, and not a single episode has gone by without someone mentioning Brooks.

The big story of the season has been Brooks' cancer: Is he sick or isn't he? Brooks insists he is fighting cancer, but some of the other ladies continue to claim that he's lying. Despite their breakup, Vicki is still Brooks' biggest supporter within the cast, and has steadfastly insisted that he's fighting the disease with everything he's got. I think he should appear on the reunion, because there are tons of questions I want to hear Brooks answer. He recently posted on Twitter that he's going to set the record straight soon, so let's hope he hits some of these key questions when the reunion airs.

1. How Does He Stay So Relaxed?

Brooks has been so... chill about his alternative cancer therapies that, to some of the Real Housewives, it's seemed like there's no way he could possibly be sick. But, since Brooks swears he is telling the truth (and promises that before the end of the season the truth will be revealed), I wonder how he manages to approach his cancer with such a cool attitude. Obviously there's no right or wrong way to deal with getting cancer, and every journey is different, so I'd like to hear more from Brooks from his own mouth, as opposed to the rumors from the ladies.

2. And, Where Does That Positivity Come From?

Where does Brooks get his ability to let all of the criticism roll off of his back? To hear from him how he's able to forget the haters, while rarely losing his positivity, would be fascinating.

3. What Is It About The Edmonds That Set Vicki Off?

Brooks would have a better insight into that than anybody when it comes to this topic. Why do the Edmonds get on Vicki's nerves so much? If Brooks is willing to dish, we could find out.

4. What Does He Think Of Briana?

Ever since their first meeting a few years ago, Briana has had a strict no-Brooks policy. But, what's Brooks' opinion on Vicki's daughter after hearing her insistence that she won't even stay in Vicki's home if Brooks is living there? Is he sympathetic, or does he not understand how Briana could be so tough? Perfect topics for a reunion interview!

5. Does He Really Think Tamra Gave Him The Evil Eye?

Since the "evil eye" argument basically ruined Vicki and Tamra's friendship, Brooks couldn't really change his tune while the couple were dating — Vicki chose Brooks over her best friend. But, since they've broken up, I wonder if Brooks really thought Tamra gave him the evil eye at Heather's party.

6. What Caused The Breakup With Vicki?

I'm sure Brooks would give a non-answer, but on the odd chance that he's willing to gossip, it would be interesting to find out why the two decided to split.

7. What Does His Career Entail?

Even after basically three seasons of RHOC, I feel like Brooks hasn't talked much on the show itself about his job, so he should say more during the reunion.

8. Any Hope That The Relationship Will Get Back Together?

These two have been an on-again, off-again relationship for so long that there's always a possibility that they'll get back together. But, do they want to potentially get back together, are they friends, or have they decided to move on and away from one another? I hope Brooks shows up at the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, because to hear Andy Cohen throw a few tough questions his way would be a good way for RHOC to find some closure for Vicki's controversial former BF.

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