What You Can Learn About Yourself From Past Relationships


Even though the love didn't last, you learn about yourself from failed relationships. In the weeks and months after a romantic partnership dissolves, no matter how casual it may have been, we are confronted with a zillion emotions stemming from the breakup. It can be tough to deal. When you are with the wrong person for too long, you recognize that there is an expiration date for those intense but passionate experiences you first encountered. No partnership is without its flaws, but if you feel mostly emotionally drained in the beginning throes of a relationship, that's usually one of the more obvious signs that it won't get better in time.

Of course, by going through the breakup ringer, whether it was a mostly positive relationship or not, we can better prepare ourselves for the future by doing a little soul-searching and figuring out more about ourselves and what we  really need in a romantic partner. What we may learn is that we're stronger that we seem, we deserve the very best for ourselves, we have some things to work on, or that right now we're simply not ready for a new person in our lives, and all of that is OK.

Here are a few of the hard-learned lessons that others have gotten from their previous relationships:

1. VF, 25

2. Alexa, 21

3. Pedro, 26

4. Fan, 22

5. Suzy, 25

6. Scooter, 23

7. Agos, 20

8. Kylie, 26

9. Gabrielle, 17

10. Rach, 25

11. Melody, 17

12. Tali, 28

13. Michelle, 28

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Images: Ariadna Bruna/Flickr, Giphy.com