Best Amy Schumer GIFs & Photos From The Emmys Red Carpet Prove She's Making It Her Personal Party

Is it really an awards show if there aren't a thousand GIF-able and photo-worthy moments? I'm going to answer that for you: No. Fortunately, on Sunday comedian Amy Schumer seemed to set out to create about half of those moments all by herself. The Inside Amy Schumer star and her show are nominated for several Emmy awards, and she seems to be having the time of her life on her way to the ceremony. Want proof? Look no further than Amy Schumer's Emmys red carpet GIFs and photos, of which there are many wonderful ones.

In the world of GIF-able stars, I feel like it goes Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and then Amy Schumer, and since Schumer is the only one of those ladies on the red carpet for the Emmys, she's cleaning up in terms of Internet love. The red carpet's only been on for about an hour, and already Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are already filled with these images of Schumer being hilarious.

In case you missed any, or you just want to relive her best moments, I've rounded up all the most hilarious ones. In other words, all of them, because when is Schumer not hilarious? Enjoy, and you're very welcome.

1. Shimmying Her Way To The Interview

She's heeeerrrree!

2. Grabbing Her Boobs

As she does.

3. Wiping Sweat Off Ryan Seacrest

She's the only one who could get away with this.

4. Petting Ryan Seacrest

I mean, wouldn't you just touch him a lot too if you had the chance?

5. Cooling Down

In case you didn't know, it's a gazillion degrees on the red carpet. Fortunately, Schumer's got a solution!

6. Being A Human Emoji

Petition to add Amy Schumer emojis to the new keyboard.

7. Meeting Tatiana Maslany

Pure amazingness.

8. Striking A Pose

Looking good, Amy! If she was this funny during just her few moments on the red carpet, just imagine how funny she'll be at the ceremony. I can't wait!

Images: refinery29/Tumblr