Liz & Austin's 'Big Brother 17' Food Fight Shows They're Probably Not Going To Last

I can't say I was a fan of Liz and Austin's showmance before Sunday night's episode of Big Brother , but this takes the cake. If you read the headline of this story, you know that pun is definitely intended. Yes, kids, Liz and Austin actually had a food fight on BB17 that went unaired until Sunday night's special retrospective of the season, and seeing it play out on TV has convinced me that Liztin is probably not going to last much longer after BB17 is over.

On Day 88, not too long before Vanessa would betray Austin and boot him out of the house, everyone was sitting at the counter enjoying some nice chicken and vegetables cooked up by Austin and Liz, respectively. Liz wasn't feeling the marinade Austin put on the chicken, which rightfully offended him, but then he took it a little too far when he asked her, "Why are you being such a bitch?" That's a name you really shouldn't call anyone, especially your girlfriend. Everyone knows that's a disrespectful name for a lady, and if you can't respect Liz inside the BB17 house, how are you going to do so outside of the house, Austin? That is not the type of behavior I want to see from a showmance I'm supposed to root for.

But it gets worse. And messier. Liz wasn't too insulted by Austin calling her a bitch for some reason. In fact, she thought it was kind of funny, laughing and wearing that classic Liz smirk on her face. However, Austin was still offended, and he then told Liz that he thought her vegetables sucked, which is not exactly the wittiest or most cutting comeback I've ever heard. Austin probably recognized this himself because he promptly through a hunk of veggies soaked in some light brown sauce onto Liz's chest, to which John reminded her she had "stuff" on her boobs. Liz then hurled some vegetables onto his shirtless self, and that was that. Or at least that's all that BB17 showed us.

Liz is still missing Austin in the BB17 house, so clearly this food fight didn't do much emotional damage. However, the disrespect and immaturity Liz and Austin showed toward one another in this food fight just underscores the fact that they're probably not going to be able to take this relationship much further outside of the BB17 house.

All of this is on top of the rocky road they've already had in the house with their relationship with Austin kinda sorta still having a girlfriend in his real life and the many arguments they've had about each other's moves in the game and their true intentions with one another. It's a lot harder to make a relationship work in the real world than in the world of reality TV, so the fact that they were unable to have a relatively peaceful three months inside the BB17 house makes me worried about the couple's fate.

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