Liztin's Worst 'Big Brother' Moments

Oh, reality TV showmances. They're either something you love or you hate. Take Big Brother 17's Liztin, the showmance between Austin and Liz that is basically making everyone gag. Who'd ever thought that Clay and Shelli's showmance would be overshadowed by these two? Rarely will you find anyone who adores Liz and Austin together, which may or may not have to do with the situation revolving around Austin's supposed girlfriend back home. Liztin have become a huge part of this season and not in a good way. I mean, I'm writing an entire article about some of Liztin's worst moments, because their relationship is just that icky.

From all their cuddle sessions to them making out to the discussions about his girlfriend, the Liz and Austin showmance is just so messed up. Does anyone really think they'll last outside the house? If they do, I'll be shocked. But, I guess we'll have to wait until the game ends to see just how serious these two are about one another.

Until then, let's chat about some of the worst Liztin moments that have happened thus far on Big Brother 17 that will surely make you question their supposed romance even more than you already are.

1. That Awkward First Kiss

Anyone else still cringe every time you see this moment? To be clear, this is before Liz really started liking Austin, which makes it even more awkward.

2. Austin's Conversation With Jason

Remember when Austin told Jason about the twins? Even worse than betraying his alliance, Austin revealed that all he wanted to do was make it to jury with Liz. Really, Austin?

3. Austin's "Girlfriend"

Let's face it, this whole situation revolving around Austin's girlfriend outside of the house is confusing and so wrong. Did he really have a girlfriend before starting BB17? If so, are they in an open relationship? What about this letter? The whole thing is shady, but at least Liz owns up to it. She's said time and time I again, "I knew he had a girlfriend." However, that still doesn't make this showmance OK.

4. The Zingbot Argument

When it comes to the Zingbot, there are bound to be houseguests who don't like the zings thrown at them. Take Liz. The Zingbot said to her, "Liz, you've become such an important part of Austin's life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, dad, or girlfriend?" Whoa. She definitely wasn't happy about it, and it made things with Austin a lot more uncomfortable. Also, I feel like Liz on the receiving end of a lot of the backlash, when Austin should be getting more thrown his way, especially when it came to the Zingbot.

5. When They Made Things "Official"

Oh happy day! Austin and Liz are official. No. Just no.

6. This Hookup

They do know all of their actions are recorded, right?

7. When Liz Chose Austin Over Julia

Yeah, Liz chose Austin over Julia for a Veto competition. Really, Liz?

8. The Hickey

Apparently, Liz got a hickey from Austin. Just another ick moment to add to the already long list.

Can you name your favorite Liztin moment? Yeah, me neither.

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Image: Screengrab/CBS