Peter Dinklage Rocked A Man Bun At The Emmys

Peter Dinklage just picked up a much deserved award for his role as the scheming but brilliant Tyrion Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones. If you've caught pretty much any episode of GoT, you know Dinkalge wears his hair long and shaggy. Tonight, Peter Dinklage's Emmys man bun was the perfect way to pull up his character's signature unruly hair, and honestly, the style is totally on trend. After all, the man bun is basically the male equivalent of the lob at this point, right? I mean, Justin Bieber is sporting one after all.

While not everyone is sold on the man bun, it appears as if most ladies are loving the trend, and many men are aiming to grow out their traditional shorn locks in favor of a flowing lions mane that they can casually throw into a messy bun like a pro. After Jared Leto cut his gorgeous hair, I was worried that the time of the bun was coming to a close, but it appears as if Leto's cut only inspired the manly masses. However, because of the hipster moniker that has been attached to the 'do, there have been those who have fought back against the trend. Like the guys who went around chopping off people's man buns. While the trend is definitely in full swing, clearly some are doubting the hairstyle. Peter Dinklage, however, doesn't seem to be one of those people judging from his killer man bun tonight at the 2015 Emmy Awards

Dinklage's look makes total sense in the context of his Game of Thrones character. While I'm not sure that he's got the same agreement not to chop off his hair as Kit Harrington does, it's definitely grown out for the series. So, what better way to hold it back from his face than a messy bun? I mean, it's the approach I'd take in a pinch.

Dinklage accepted his award with grace and with his shaggy lion's mane — yes, that's a Lannister reference — pulled back in a totally on trend way. While I'm guessing Dinklage didn't get ready this morning thinking about how in style his bun would be, I still love that he rocked it.