What If Ryan Gosling Had Justin Bieber's Man Bun?

Guess this hair trend is here to stay, at least for spring and summer. Justin Bieber recently rocked a man bun (or man pony) in an Instagram photo, proving that this trend is not ready to leave, no matter how much you may want it to. We aren't sure if the newest man hair trend really works for Bieber, but it made us wonder — what would it look like if 7 of our other #MCM-worthy guys sported it?

The picture of Justin's "bun" almost seems like a joke, but we know he's probably fairly serious about the trend. If the bun becomes a thing for Bieber, he wouldn't be the first or only celeb to try it out. Jared Leto was one of the first to jump on the man bun band wagon. He's probably so over it by now, but hopefully the trend lasts long enough so that we can see some of our celeb crushes try it out for summer.

What is it about the man bun that makes men what to try it? Maybe they just want to embrace a trend that has been beloved by women for decades? Or maybe it's the more rugged, lumberjack look that makes it appealing? Whatever the reasoning, I actually sort of dig the new trend and think more guys should get with it.

If Bieber can rock the man bun/pony look, then I know these guys can too. Here's what 5 other celebs would look like with Justin Bieber's man bun, from Ryan Gosling to Liam Hemsworth.

1. Ryan Gosling

OK, so if Ryan had a more natural looking man bun with this color, we know he would become the next man bun star. Sorry, Jared Leto.

2. Justin Timberlake

Now that he's a daddy, maybe the man bun isn't in Justin Timberlake's future. We don't think Jessica Biel would approve.

3. Ryan Reynolds

So we know Blake Lively would definitely not approve of her guy having a man bun. Sorry we made you look like a troll, Ryan.

4. Channing Tatum

Oh Channing, with your dreamy smize — you could definitely rock a man bun, but please don't go bleach blond.

5. Liam Hemsworth

Bieber's color just isn't working for Chris either, but we could totally see him sporting a man bun with a little facial hair. Maybe your next look for no-shave November, Chris?

Images: Justin Bieber/Instagram; Getty Images (5)