Jon Hamm Didn't Forget His Ex At The Emmys

One of the most heartbreaking casualties of the 2015 summer of celebrity break-ups was definitely Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt's split after 18 years together. Though the pair have not shared what caused their break-up, in a statement after it happened, they said they "will continue to be supportive of each other in every way possible moving forward," and Hamm proved that at the 2015 Emmys. After finally winning Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Don Draper on Mad Men, Hamm thanked Westfeldt during his Emmys speech in a brief yet sweet moment.

After delivering a beautiful speech that showed how much Mad Men meant to the actor and expressed gratitude towards everyone involved with the show, Hamm said, "It’s incredible and impossible for me personally to be standing here so, I want to thank the people to whom I owe an incredible debt, people who in my life have gotten me here, families who have chosen for some reason to take me in and be nice to me along this strange strange road." After thanking a few family members, Hamm finally said,"And Cora and Jen." It seems that here Jen is referring to Westfeldt, since Cora is their dog. From there he continued for a moment, closing out the speech with, "Thank you all very much. I would not be standing here without you. Thank you to everyone who watched the show. Thank you for this."

While nothing Hamm said suggests that the couple has reconciled, it was sweet of the actor to acknowledge his ex-girlfriend's support and influence on his life. They were together for all of Hamm's time on Mad Men, so to not thank her after finally being recognized for his work during the series would've been a pretty big oversight. No matter what has happened since then, Westfeldt was clearly an important part of his life, and taking a moment to point that out just made Hamm's speech even more gracious. Watch the full speech below, and be sure to keep an ear out for Westfeldt's thank you at the end.