How To Wash Your Tights Without Ripping Them

by Lindsey Rose Black

Knowing how to accidentally rip your tights is easy. Knowing how to wash your tights and care for them properly is a little trickier. But with fall officially here, I'd rather get better at the latter and avoid the former as much as possible!

I'm obsessed with tights. I relate to all the reasons to wear nude tights all too well and can tell you, first hand, how learning how to keep tights from running was a major game changer in my life. If you aren't into tights, I think it's just because you haven't found a pair that you've fallen in love wit quite yet. Check out this round-up of amazing tights that will have you smitten, I promise!

As a master of accidentally bumping into things, racing around in the morning and putting on tights to fast, and wearing them until I've more or less destroyed the feet, my tight-care strategy definitely needed an overhaul. If those struggles sound familiar, I'm excited to reassure you there's totally hope for us.

Similarly, if you've dodged tights because you think caring for them is going to be way too high maintenance, think again! Properly washing your tights just means you need to care for them the way you would with a hand wash only shirt or sweater. Sounds less intimidating now, right?

1. Turn Your Tights Inside Out


2. Fill The Sink With Warm (Not Hot) Water & Add A Little Detergent

It doesn't really matter what brand detergent you use, but I always go with ones for sensitive skin.

3. Scrub

Dunk the tights into the water and scrub, focusing especially on the crotch and feet.

4. Rinse

Drain the sink and rinse the tights with warm water until the water runs clear.

5. Squeeze & Towel

Roll the tights into a ball and squeeze dry.

Then, lay them flat on a towel and roll the towel up to get out additional moisture.

6. Hang To Try

A rack, a hanger, a door handle...whatever ya got works!

Images: Lindsey Rose Black