How To Wash Uggs The Right Way

Say what you will — Uggs are the best winter footwear, hands down. For this reason, knowing how to wash Uggs properly is essential to not ruining the cozy little boots!

Similar to the Arizona Birkenstocks craze, Uggs have returned thanks to Vogue dubbing them "cool" once again. If you've recently splurged on a new pair or dusted off your old ones hidden away in a box, going the extra mile to clean them correctly is definitely worth the effort! If Uggs can return to fashion once, it's a good idea to keep them in top shape for when they inevitably trend again in a few years. Also, they're so comfortable — who cares what anyone thinks?

Not sold on this whole Ugg renaissance? You might be convinced after looking at Chrissy Teigen's Ugg 2015 winter ads! Call me a sucker for marketing, but I'm pretty sure Teigen could convince me to buy (or at least want to buy) just about anything. Plus, Uggs kind of got way cooler than when I last wore them in middle school. Back in May, the company released Darth Vadar inspired Ugg boots! Like, what even. SO AWESOME.

The Ugg website has a very detailed guide, complete with video, on how to clean your Ugg boots.

The woman in the video advises you to purchase the official Ugg Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner. The guide then instructs you to protect your boots and prevent staining them by treating the boots before wearing them for the first time. You'll have to wait a full 24 hours to let it dry before putting them on (it will likely seem like forever), but it's essential to extending the life of your trusty boots!

While it's a great guide, there are other ways to clean your boots with things you might already have at home! Natasha Summer made an awesome video below that breaks down how to clean Uggs safely and easily with baby shampoo.

Before diving into the video, you'll need a bottle brush (or any firm-bristled brush!), nubuck cleaner, baby soap, warm water, and a sponge to start. If you don't have baby shampoo, you can also use a mixture of distilled vinegar and water, according to Jillee of One Good Thing.

Happy cleaning, guys!

Image Credit: UggAustralia/Instagram