Watch These Grandmas Get Disney Princess Makeovers

There is a feeling I get, that only comes about when I open a brand new jar of Nutella — the feeling of pure joy. To my surprise, I got the same feeling watching these Grandmothers getting Disney princess makeovers. I dare you to watch the video and not say awwwww in that annoying head-tilting kind of way.

At first the grandmothers were interviewed about their personal lives and where they were from. Then we learned about their relationship to Disney classics like Cinderella, Snow White and (of course) Frozen. Finally, it was time for the makeovers. With brushes and bronzers that would make even Kylie Jenner’s team proud, the makeup artists transformed their subjects from your typical grandmas — into Disney legends. Wigs and costumes included.

The actual makeover wasn’t even the most interesting part of the video! It was the countless quotable pieces of dialogue that these badass ladies provided. I don’t know what exactly it is about having a camera on a person over the age of 50, but in my mind they are the only group deserving of having such attention. Maybe it’s because no matter the subject, older people just give the best life advice.

The following is my entire thought process while watching this video.

Did I Hear That Correctly?

I totally forgot that this movie came out such a long time ago. For some reason I like to pretend nothing existed before I was born.


She is so right! What do we know about our favorite Disney princesses? Nothing. That's what. We know nothing. Personally I would love to see a tell-all book by one of them hit the market. Just imagine all the dirt Bell could dish about Lumière and the French Duster Maid. *Cue sexy music.*

The Big Reveal

Priceless. Watch the full video below:

Images: Youtube(4), Giphy(1)