How To Copy Kiernan Shipka's Emmys Outfit

by Katie Patton

Like Emma Watson circa the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, Kiernan Shipka slayed the Emmy's red carpet Sunday evening wearing a dress and pant combination that was designer fashion at it's finest. The Mad Men starlet owned her Dior digs, resembling a modern day, high fashion princess Belle and inciting major outfit envy among the masses. Look no further for fresh fall outfit inspiration, ladies — Shipka's mic drop worthy separates are easily transitioned from red carpet to real life.

Since bursting onto the television scene as little Sally Draper in 2007, Shipka has become a bonafide style star and young Hollywood icon. And while we have seen the 15-year-old trendsetter don many best-dressed worthy outfits during her rise to stardom, this latest couture two-piece might just be the pièce de résistance. Even Shipka herself admitted to People that the outfit was love at first sight, gushing “It was the first thing I tried on and I couldn’t be more in love.” Samesies, Keirnan. The adoration is mutual.

So, what was the key to this killer look? It is fairly well known that wearing both a dress and pants at the same time can be challenging (hello, bunching!), but proper proportions are a lady’s best friend. Shipka’s dress was tight on top, flared at the bottom and oh so mini, while her pants were of the matchstick variety, a harmonious combination free of too much fabric in any one place.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That's it, I am calling it: Thanks to Dior's teenage muse a dress with trousers is about to be the new romper/jumpsuit. In the case that all my hopes and dreams come true and Shipka just fast tracked the latest trend, here are some easy tips for trying out the look.

1. The Dress

AQUA Sweetheart Amal Dress, $43,

If there is one thing we have learned from our fashion-forward friend's red carpet win, it is to pay attention to proportions. Choose a mini dress that is borderline too short to wear sans the pants so that your trousers don't get stuck playing second fiddle and basically looking like a heavy weight legging that doesn't belong. Also, while less length is important, a fit and flare silhouette is just as critical. The "fit" will ensure there isn't too much fabric happening at the top, while the "flare" will give you some space at your waist where your pants belong. Bunching = successfully avoided.

You Can Banquet On It Dress, $70,

2. The Pant

New Look Inspired High Waist Tailored Pant, $33,

The proper pant is an equally important part of this on-trend combo. While leggings aren't quite structured enough to round out the ensemble, a slim-fitting ankle pant with fair amount of stretch will sit nicely under the longer than normal top half.

ASOS Ankle Grazer Stretch Skinny Pants, $45,

3. The Shoe

Varcityy Heel, $90,

Shipka topped off her red carpet look with a black suede, pointed toe stiletto, which was a flawless choice. A classic neutral, this pump already pairs well with both dresses and trousers when they are a solo show, so it is the ideal shoe to tie together an outfit that includes both.

Who ever said red carpet style doesn't translate to real life? We are prepped and ready to slay happy hour.

Images: Courtesy Brands