These Are The Best Hayes Grier Vines

OK, so this is probably incredibly age-inappropriate, but I have a major crush on Hayes Grier. Being that he basically looks like he could be a member of One Direction and he's funny, it's easy to see his appeal — and why he has four million followers on Vine. So obviously, when it was announced that 15-year-old Hayes is part of this season's Dancing With The Stars cast and also the youngest celeb to compete on the show, I was super pumped to see him dance, and after his dance with partner Emma Slater on last week's episode, I have a feeling he'll be sticking around for awhile. But if you're a casual DWTS fan and not big on Vine and its many splendored six and a half second long videos, you might not know much about who Hayes is. Don't worry — I totally have you covered. Consider this a crash course in Hayes Grier's best Vines.

Because let's be real: If you haven't seen many of his videos, it's almost impossible to watch them all now. Well, you know, if you have a life and a job and like to sleep and eat like a regular person.

These are all relatively recent, and before you start watching, I must warn you: You're about to find yourself with a giant crush. Sorry not sorry!

1. When He & Nash Did The Best Dance Ever

Can we talk about how amazing this is? It's clear that this is the video that convinced ABC he'd be perfect for DWTS.

2. When He Shared The Sad Reality Of Most New Years Eves

It's true of all people: We all want to be doing something glamorous, but the reality is that we're probably at home fighting the urge to go to sleep before midnight.

3. When He Exposed The Truth About The First Day Of School

Every year, I got up two hours early to curl my hair and pick out the perfect outfit. Every second day of school, I woke up 15 minutes late and I was lucky if I even looked at a hairbrush.

4. When He Made Fun Of His Dad

Is this what my kids are going to do when I rap "Super Bass" while listening to the oldies station in 20 years?

5. When He Lived Out Everyone's Biggest Escalator Dream

If I had the guts/wasn't a 26-year-old adult, I would do this.

6. And Then, More Dancing

He's so gonna win this season.

7. When He Tried To Get Out Of Going To School

Can't blame him for trying.

8. And Then, This Little Beauty

Like the escalator thing, this is something I have always wanted to do. And thankfully, none of us ever have to actually do it now that Hayes has, because it's obviously not as much fun as it looks.

If this has officially knocked you down the rabbit hole of his Vine account for the rest of the day, I'm so sorry. Is it really wasted time when he's this adorable?