Kate & Leon Are Polar Opposites On 'Below Deck'

You know how sometimes when two people hate one another, it's secret love or longterm affection that's causing them to argue? Well, that is not true of Kate Chastain and Leon Walker: the Below Deck crewmembers emphatically do not mix. But since the yachting industry is so small, d id Kate and Leon know each other before Below Deck ? Unlike some of the veterans of the show, Chef Leon seems like he was a stranger to the rest of the crew, and never had a past with any of them. But with the way that Kate has been gossiping about Leon's past working on cruise ships for the last couple of episodes, it's not crazy to assume that they might have some kind of history, especially since she has worked with Connie and Don before Below Deck . But no, Connie and Don don't bother Kate at all, and there's no indication that Leon ever worked with her before.

It's not always easy to get along with Kate — she can be tough, and even had problems with Amy, the sweetest member of the cast. But Kate and Leon's feud goes beyond the typical conflict between chief stews and chefs. These two just can not for the life of them get along, and every time one zigs, the other zags. These two are polar opposites in literally every way, and here are just a few exampled

Leon: No Hair

Kate: Don't Get Her Hair Wet

Don't mess with Kate's blowout. She may occasionally get a little frizz during a stressful dinner service, but she's never spotted without her hair done. Meanwhile, Leon, obviously has no hair, though that doesn't stop guests from supposedly finding it in his food.

Leon: Won't Wear A Costume

Kate: Has Endless Costumes

Kate is a pro at not just coming up with great costume ideas for the guests, but at convincing the crew to dress up, as well. She coerced a very unwilling Emile into playing the beefcake Adonis at Dean Slover's Greek god party.

Leon: Makes Beef Cheeks

Kate: Is Exhausted By Beef Cheeks

Leon's not ashamed to rely on an old classic recipe, and his food always kills. Kate tends to admire someone who's willing to experiment and have more fun with her theme night ideas.

Leon: Loves The Quiet

Kate: Not Afraid To Be Bossy

I think Kate's managerial style is a good fit for keeping stews like Rocky in line. But despite having cut his teeth in professional kitchens, Leon is a bit of a shrinking violet, preferring to speak at a near whisper. His unflappability is admirable, but he is a bit overly sensitive — it's none of his business how Kate chooses to act when she's in boss mode.

Leon: Worked On Cruise Ships

Kate: Judges Cruise Ships

I like Kate, but her cruise ship shade is unnecessary. People wind up in the world of yachting from many different paths. I think while Leon could have been a little more open to the idea of leaning from the experienced yachties, but cruise ship cooking can't be easy either.

Leon: Hates Theme Parties

Kate: Plans Theme Parties

Leon just thinks theme parties are too darn American, while European charters are more buttoned up and serious. Well I'm with Kate on this one. Her jokey side is super fun (like those blanket folds!).

They Do Have A Couple Of Similarities

These two have made a tentative peace, and that's because of their very few similarities. Both are highly professional, neat, and punctual. And as much as they get on one another's nerves, they do have some successful communication. So far, so good on the Season 3 charters.

Kate and Leon are like oil and vinegar. Where Leon is tough, Kate tries to be fun-loving. And where Leon is serious, Kate sometimes talks behind people's backs and gossips about things she doesn't like. But maybe, just maybe, getting to know one another over the course of this season of Below Deck could ultimately end with them becoming friends — or at least, successful coworkers.

Images: Virginia Sherwood, Screenshot/Bravo; RealityTVGifs/Tumblr