Julie Montagu's Cinderella Life On 'LOL'

While she's technically not a "new" cast member to the show, Julie Montagu joining Ladies of London as a "new" full-time cast member just amped up the royal-meter of the show tenfold. For a show about high-society London, royalty is key (at least that's what this Midwesterner would assume). Yes, Julie is actually royal, by marriage, which is extremely intriguing for a show where the tagline could (should) be "London can smell a social climber from a mile away," said by the forever fabulous Caroline Stanbury.

The Ladies on the show are all aware of their high-status in London's upper echelon. Though the "royal" cast members don't have to worry about it as much. Caroline says, "The only way you're getting into British society is to be born into it or marry into it," and the latter half is true for Julie, who married her husband Luke Montagu, the heir to the Earl of Sandwich. The Earl of What? Yes, Sandwich. But no, not sandwich. Although that would be delicious.

Julie's husband, Viscount Hinchingbrooke formally, is the heir to the role his father currently owns. The Viscount title is a courtesy title for the heir awaiting to fill the seat of the Earl. In case you have absolutely no idea what an Earl of Sandwich is, then hey, let's get a drink and talk about sandwiches. After a few English Pimm's Cups we'll casually slip into talking about the not so edible Sandwich title that Julie has married into.

As of now, Julie's title is Viscountess Hinchingbrooke (Lady Hinchingbrooke), according to her Bravo biography. Julie met her husband at a bar, just like a normal couple would, and I suppose you could say the rest is history. Julie's husband will become the Earl of Sandwich when he possesses the title from his father. The lineage of the Earl of Sandwich dates back centuries, all in the Montagu name. After that passage of title happens, Julie will become Lady Sandwich.

But, that's not all. Julie's husband is "340-something" in line to the English throne. If I'm understanding succession to the throne correctly, Julie is England's future queen. Take that Mia Thermopolis. (OK, she's not — but imagine how zen a yogi queen like Julie would be. Namaste my good country.) But while she's waiting to be the queen, Julie keeps busy with the estate that her husband's family has, Mapperton.

So yes. Julie is living the life we all dream of. Moving to England, meeting a man in line for the throne, and having the word "sandwich" attached to your name. I can't imagine it getting any better than that.

Images: Rebecca Miller/Bravo