Ryan Reynolds "Friend" Just Ruined Your Life

by Lisa Fogarty

You can pretty much blame Ryan Reynolds' so-called "friend" for why you (assuming you aren't already uber famous) will probably never be part of Taylor Swift's squad. The dude betrayed Reynolds' trust, therefore ruining the chances of a celeb ever trusting a normal for the rest of us (thanks a lot, friend). In an interview with GQ, RRyan Reynolds revealed his "friend" tried to sell photos of his and Blake Lively's baby — the same little girl whose picture they've been adamant about keeping away from the press since she was born back in January. Don't worry, the 38-year-old actor didn't let him get away with it — not that that's going to convince Swift to let non-actors, non-singers, or non-Victoria Secret models play piano in her SoHo loft any time soon.

The October 2015 cover star revealed he was caught off guard when he found out the same guy he has known for more than two decades tried to profit off of him in a pretty gross way. "A guy that I’d known for my whole life, one of my closest friends growing up, he had been shopping pictures of my baby around," Reynolds said. "I kind of got in front of it, which is good. But it was a slightly dark period. A bad couple of weeks."

The Deadpool actor went on to elaborate, "Somebody I grew up with, yeah. Somebody I’ve known, who’s been one of my closest friends, for 25 years. It was like a death. It was like one of those devastating things to find out."

After he and Lively discovered what was going on, they were able to keep baby James' photos out of the wrong hands, but then Reynolds had the awkward task of confronting his former buddy:

It was a pretty strongly worded conversation. [He did it] just for money. I mean, I don’t think he thought he would ever be caught. But it’s a pretty narrow group of people that I would send photos like that to. They’re just, like, my closest family and my closest friends: "Here’s us in the delivery room!"

And a deed like that doesn't exactly go unpunished in their world:

It was, like, so kind of shocking. There isn’t really a conversation to have. It’s just, "Oh, well, now I’m never going to see you or talk to you again, unfortunately." That’s kind of how it worked out.

When James was born, it was weeks before anyone learned her name. Scroll through Lively's Instagram and you'll find one or two photos like this one:

But, for the most part, you can tell this is a famous couple who have zero interest in making their baby famous. Their privacy should be respected, of course, and an incident like this one pretty much sums up why a lot of celebs probably wind up hanging out with other famous folks and seeing less of their non-famous friends. It's heartbreaking to think a person you knew way before you started making films and married another person who makes films would value money over your friendship, but I can't say I'm completely shocked. I'm guessing the asking price for a photo of the family is high these days and that its value keeps increasing the more Lively and Reynolds refuse to yield to the demand. It's just unfortunate that someone who is supposed to have their best interests at heart would try and deceive them.

Instead of slamming celebrities for creating exclusive all-celeb squads, this example pretty much explains their rationale. They share a lot of craziness in common, including the desire to keep the private details of their lives — and their children's lives — out of the public eye.

With that said, Taylor, if you're reading this, I promise to never sell your photos and use the money to buy a private island. Trust me.