6 Reasons 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Needs Heather McDonald

The following is an unconfirmed (yet incredible) rumor: Heather McDonald might join The Real Housewives of Orange County . McDonald, a Chelsea Lately and After Lately regular, has been hanging out with the OC Housewives. That's really the only evidence fueling the suspicions, but I'm totally on board. Why else would she be hanging out with them? Because they're "just buddies" or something? Nah. Something's up. My spidey sense is tingling. SO SUSPICIOUS. Tamra Barney has yet to post a "HEATHER MCD IS A NEW HOUSEWIFE!" tweet (remember the Shannon Beador snafu? Of course you do. It was the biggest news story you've ever read), but I'm keeping an eye on her Twitter page.

I do hope this rumor is real. It's so good. She'd be an amazeballs addition to the cast. Oh man. You're absolutely right: It's almost too perfect to be true. And you're also right to worry that my brain would explode. Here are six reasons McDonald would be a great move for RHOOC:

She's hilarious

She's a very witty, fun writer and comic. OH, THE COMMENTARY SHE'D PROVIDE! I've always thought this show could use a Greek chorus. She'd be that! Plus, if she were to get in fights with any of the other Housewives, she'd have the quickest comebacks. Well, she might be the second quickest. NeNe Leakes's retorts are pretty legendary.

She does impressions

The moment she starts doing impressions of all of the other Housewives at a group dinner will be the best moment of my life. Will they be able to laugh at themselves? Will they be light-hearted like the impersonations that went down during the RHOOC reunion? Or will someone get offended? Will McDonald intentionally go easy on anybody in particular? Will Slade Smiley weasel his way into the impressions drama? I know Gretchen Rossi won't be a part of season nine, but why should that stop Smiley? Smiley always gets involved.

She'd be a good fit for Bravo

She went on Watch What Happens Live and seemed to have solid chemistry with Andy Cohen and Barney. Why wouldn't she? She's fun. She's goofy. She has opinions. She's comfortable on camera. She's perfect for a Bravo show. She could do the RHOOC thing. I'm sold!

Her History with Jeff Lewis

She says she and Bravo star Jeff Lewis made out in college. Well, I love that little anecdote. I am obsessed with any stories about celebrities knowing each other before they were famous. There could be a Housewives/Flipping Out crossover special!!!! AUGHHHHHH!

She Has Reality TV Experience… Sort Of

After Lately is a mockumentary style behind-the-scenes show. It's supposed to feel like a reality show. So she knows how to act like she's on a reality show. If she doesn't feel like being herself on the reality show, she can just, well, act. I'd be into any character she brought to the RHOOC table. But if she was like, "I'm going to be the real me," that'd be neat too. I support all of it.

She's delightfully strange

I will miss Lydia McLaughlin next season because she and her mom were a pair of weirdos. In a good way. I gravitate toward the weirdos. Without McLaughlin, who's going to keep things strange? Go look at the current cast. No weirdos. Enter: McDonald. McDonald does not shy away from the silly. And the show needs that. I mean, look at her dancing. The show needs her dancing:

Virgin America on YouTube

She'd Write the best Housewives Book

She's a New York Times bestselling author. Cohen-permitting, she'd totally write a book about her experience on RHOOC, right? I don't know what your life is all about, but I know I'd drop everything to read a McDonald-penned Housewives memoir.

Come on, Andy Cohen! Don't let me down.