What To Expect From 'The Muppets'

by Marisa LaScala

It's not easy being green. It's also not easy being a veteran TV personality trying to launch a new kind of television series in 2015. But, that's what poor, beleaguered Kermit the Frog has to do — with his ex-girlfriend, no less. When The Muppets premieres on ABC on September 22, it'll be the fourth Muppets primetime TV series, which includes The Muppet Show, The Jim Henson Hour, and Muppets Tonight. Still, there's no reason not to try again. This time, the series will follow Kermit and his crew — along with Miss Piggy, who's now his ex — as they produce Up Late with Miss Piggy. (At least in some universe there is a female-fronted late-night talk show.) But, how long will it last? How many episodes of The Muppets will there be?

So far, according SpoilerTV, ABC has ordered 13 episodes of The Muppets . That's a good, healthy episode order, ensuring that ABC sees this as a regular network sitcom and not a limited event series. Plus, I'm sure there's room for them to pick up more episodes as the season progresses to get it to a full 22. But, until then, what will we see in those 13 episodes?

1. Documentary-Style Filming

The Muppets have done variety shows before, and they've done talk shows before. Doing a kind of documentary-style is a new thing for them, which will set this series apart from the rest — even if it turns out chickens are operating the cameras.

2. In-Front And Behind-The-Scenes Drama

The classic Muppets scenario is putting on a show-within-a-show, and The Muppets on ABC is no exception. Half of the documentary is about putting together the aforementioned Up Late with Miss Piggy. But, the real innovation is that the show also follows the gang home and goes into the personal lives of The Muppets. For example, in the first episode, Fozzie meets his girlfriend's parents. I bet you didn't even know he was dating. Somehow they kept it out of the gossip blogs, I guess.

3. There's A New Pig In Kermit's Life

Her name is Denise. I know I should give her a shot — Kermit and Piggy never had the most functional of romantic relationships — but I kind of hate her.

4. Guest Stars

Yes! One of the best things about The Muppet Show will be preserved in The Muppets. In the season premiere, the guest stars include Elizabeth Banks (who makes Piggy jealous, of course), Tom Bergeron, and Tracy Anderson, and there will be a performance by Imagine Dragons. Do you think they'll perform with any Muppet dragons?

5. Geeky Jokes?

This incarnation of the show is co-created and executive-produced by Bill Prady of The Big Bang Theory. Maybe they can work in a round of "rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock" with a puppet rock, piece of paper, pair of scissors, Muppet lizard, and Zachary Quinto. A girl can dream.

6. Pepe the King Prawn, Hopefully

I love this guy, and he's never really gotten his due. Maybe he will on The Muppets.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC (2); Giphy; campercooperpugfi/Tumblr