What It's Like To Kiss Tom Hiddleston

by Rachel Simon

There is a certain group of people who are cooler than the rest of us. Who have experienced something most of us can only dream of. Who are, pretty much, the luckiest people on the planet. Who are these remarkable individuals? The people who have kissed Tom Hiddleston, on-screen and off. Sadly, most of us mere mortals will never get to experience this for ourselves, so when speaking with his Coriolanus co-star Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, I had to ask: what is it like to kiss Tom Hiddleston?

"The kissing is always something that fans of his want to hear about!" Sorensen tells Bustle. "But honestly, it's part of the storyline, we were husband and wife. I don't think we really thought about it in particular."

Sure. It's hard to imagine anyone being immune to Hiddleston's charms, especially upon hearing him recite Shakespearean dialogue in his British accent on-stage. And kissing-related nonchalance aside, it's clear Sorensen wasn't; she calls the getting to act alongside the actor "amazing."

"Working with Tom and the entire cast was an amazing experience for me, because he is so incredibly good and everybody we worked with was so incredibly good," she says. "I enjoyed doing the whole thing... to see him and Deborah Findlay and the other wonderful actors who tackled this enormous language... it was a great experience for me."

For Sorensen, getting to act in the 2013 production was a dream come true, and certainly a change from her usual roles. The actress starred in Borgen, the acclaimed Danish TV series, for three years; more recently, she appeared in Pitch Perfect 2 and Game of Thrones. Playing Virgilia, Coriolanus' wife in the Shakespeare's tragedy about the life of Roman leader, was something entirely new, she says.

"I’d always dreamed of doing Shakespeare in the original language, but I never thought it was possible if you’re not born and bred British," Sorensen says. "The challenge was incredibly gratifying."

Clearly, it paid off; Coriolanus received rave reviews during its run, and even played in movie theaters in early 2014. It featured an incredible cast, with Hiddleston, Sorensen, and Findlay starring alongside Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and Hadley Fraser (Les Miserables). Although Sorensen has seemingly moved on from theater, at least for the time being — in addition to a potential return to Thrones (her character became a White Walker last season), she recently starred in a Danish film, Sommeren '92, and will have a major role in Vinyl , an upcoming HBO show in which she'll play Ingrid Superstar, a muse of Andy Warhol. If getting to play Hiddleston's wife is not even the most exciting part of your recent career, it's safe to say that you're doing things very, very right.