'Scream Queens' May Have Already Shown The Killer

by Caitlin Flynn

I know we only have one episode of clues to consider and plenty of twists and turns await us, but I'm already wondering if Pete is the killer on Scream Queens. It seems totally plausible that he's the slasher behind the Red Devil mask — and not just because he has the attire stashed in his closet. (But, that is a pretty big warning sign, so Grace should play journalist and fact-check his mascot story STAT.) He's the same age the baby born in the bathtub would be, and it's a safe assumption that one of the kids on campus will eventually be identified as the baby all grown-up. If it really is Pete, then his motive for targeting the Kappa girls would be pretty clear-cut. But, even if he's not the baby, there are other signs indicating something's awry with him.

Although I would have totally written off Chanel's stalking story as another one of her cruel pranks, Pete pretty much admitted that the facts of her story are true and chalked it up to his tendency to get "passionate about things." And when he warned Grace about Chanel (about two minutes after meeting her), the first words he used to describe her were "president of Kappa," even though there's no shortage of unflattering adjectives that could undoubtedly be attributed to Chanel. So, he has a serious axe to grind with Kappa as a whole. You know who else does? The Red Devil.

It's totally possible that Pete is passionate about journalism, but it's equally likely that it's just the ideal guise. The fact that he's an "investigative reporter" will totally explain his proximity to the murders and subsequent cover-ups. Pretty convenient, am I right? A little too convenient, if you ask me. Plus, he's cozying up to Grace in a way that I just don't trust. Maybe he really does like her, or maybe she's the perfect way to get access and information — especially now that he's convinced her they're in this together.

Grace is understandably shaken up when she sees the Red Devil costume in Pete's closet. His statement that, "I thought you were the one person in this school who knew I was a good guy!" sets off some alarms. It seems that Pete's creepiness hasn't gone unnoticed — and I'm not talking about Chanel and her Kappa minions. Surely Wallace University has a social life and activities that don't involve the Greek system, so I'd think he'd have some friends from the newspaper, his barista job, or his alleged mascot gig.

Who's behind the Red Devil mask? As Chanel told Grace, there are plenty of people on campus who hate Kappa — which means there's no shortage of suspects, and plenty more will probably crop up as the season continues.

But, for now — I've got my eye on you, Pete. Your story isn't adding up, and you just make way too many creepy facial expressions for me to not think you're super sketchy.

Images: Steve Dietl/FOX; Giphy (2)