Tracy Morgan Is Officially Back In The Acting Game

by Courtney Lindley

Hell yes, Tracy Morgan is back in the acting game, and I couldn’t be happier. The Wrap reports that Morgan will star in the upcoming comedy Fist Fight , opposite Charlie Day and Ice Cube. Hold up, though, how hilarious and amazing does that sound? Can I buy those tickets, like yesterday? The Richie Keen directed film will be Morgan's first feature role since he was badly injured in a 2014 car accident, making this news all the more exciting.

If you missed it, the 30 Rock alum made a surprise (and amazingly heartfelt) appearance at Sunday night's Emmys, where he gave out the award for Best Drama. In typical Morgan fashion, he cracked a few jokes about the tragic incident, but remained sincere and thankful to have made it through thanks to "amazing doctors, the support of [his] family, and [his] beautiful new wife." It was standing ovation material at its finest and the perfect comeback precursor.

While we're not sure at this point what role Morgan will have in Fist Fight, we can definitely speculate that, if it's like any of his previous roles, it will be epic. Morgan has worked on big films alongside stars like Chris Rock and Ice Cube before, but it was his role as Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock that really made his career. So, as we await Morgan's return to the big screen, let's celebrate some of his most brilliant moments as Tracy Jordan.

1. When He Understood Your Napping Needs

This seems reasonable.

2. When Superman Did Good

Grammar over everything.

3. When He Was You & Your Squad, Exiting Every Party Ever

No caption necessary.

4. When He Got Frustrated With Siri

She never understands me either.

5. When He Was Full of Deep Thoughts

It is weird.

6. When He Tried to Be Social

One hundred percent relatable.

8. When He Gave Solid Life Advice

This one really hit home.

9. And Finally, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Halloween costume goals.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Welcome back, Tracy Morgan." We've missed you.

Images: nocountryforoldjetpacks/Tumblr; Giphy (8)