10 Wacky Food Beds That Are Sure To Have You Dreaming Of Your Favorite Eats — INFOGRAPHIC

It's absolutely no secret that I love food. So, a bed that is designed to look exactly like some of my favorite treats is pretty much straight out of my wildest dreams. Luckily, this handy infographic by Terrys Fabrics in the U.K. provides plenty of amazing options for all sorts of different food beds that will undoubtedly inspire dreams of endless buffets.

Perhaps you think a food bed is completely unnecessary. And honestly, you are probably right. Nobody needs a bed that looks like a slice of pizza — no matter how awesome it is. But, so what? This is America. If I want to snuggle up between the slices of bread of a cushy sandwich bed, or rest my head on pillows that look like marshmallows, I'm going to do it.

Yes, with everything from burgers to waffles, this infographic has tons of great food bed options for foodies and junk food lovers alike. I am actually currently wishing my home had more bedrooms, simply so I could purchase one of each. Looking for some major food bed inspiration? These options are everything you have ever dreamed of, and then some. Fair warning, you might end up simultaneously hungry and sleepy.


As a somewhat picky eater and a selective shopper, I couldn't help but think of a few more beds I think would be great. So, here are a few I'd love to cuddle up with. If these don't already exist, someone needs to create them as soon as possible. I'm your first buyer — I promise.

1. Taco Bed

Tacos are my absolute favorite food. So, if I could curl up for the night inside of a faux taco shell? Oh, life would be so sweet.

2. Hot Dog Bed

Obviously, burgers made the food bed cut. But, what about another classic American favorite? A hot dog is a natural choice for a food-shaped bed — especially for those of us who like to feel super secure while we sleep.

3. Burrito Bed

Alright, so this one is pretty closely related to a taco bed. But, I can only imagine how soundly I'd sleep if I was safely wrapped up like a human burrito. Although, I'd probably also fall asleep hungry. Yum, burritos.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (3); Terry's Fabrics