Starbucks Mobile Ordering Is Available Nationwide Now, So Prepare Your Bank Accounts, Coffee Lovers

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Are you ready for the most important news you'll hear all day? You might want to sit down for this: Starbucks mobile ordering is available nationwide today. Can I get a praise hands emoji? A celebratory rainbow face Snapchat (RIP)? Perhaps a commemorative Pumpkin Spice Latte, long may it reign?

Ahem. Now that I've gotten my incredibly Millennial impulses out, let's get to the good stuff. If you're a resident of the Pacific Northwest, chances are you're already intimately familiar with Starbucks Mobile Ordering, which allows you to pre-order sweet, sweet caffeine for pickup from Starbucks' app before you even roll your half-asleep self out of bed. Better yet, you get to skip the lines and the register, picking up your drink before work without having a single barista misspell your name.

The pre-ordering option expanded to locations in the Southern and Central United States earlier this summer. Not to brag, but I've been enjoying this glorious perk since June (neener neener) — and trust me, it is truly an amazing innovation. On Tuesday, however, the company announced that mobile ordering is finally available at more than 7,400 stores nationwide — that is, pretty much all of them, according to Statistaand it's officially available for both iPhone and Android users. The future is now, people, and it is extremely caffeinated.

If mobile ordering is new to your area, it's a simple concept. Users order and pay for their drinks (or food, because who doesn't love those breakfast sandwiches?) through the Starbucks mobile app, and they receive an estimated pick-up time. After that, it's a matter of showing up to the store and picking up your order. Easy-peasy.

Rejoice, my fellow smartphone-using caffeine addicts, for equality has been achieved!


Images: Giphy (2), Getty Images