Hannah Hart's Button Downs Inspire Fall Fashion

By this time in our lives, we’ve all trademarked our signature seasonal staples. Saying farewell to summer shades and short-shorts by the pile, we emerge into fall looking forward to our windswept weather faves like chunky knits, black skinnies, or infinity scarves. Hannah Hart’s signature button down shirts are a great look for all seasons. Lately I’m seeing the YouTube sensation that brought us “My Drunk Kitchen” and Camp Takota as a fashion icon, and this button down style should definitely be a thing this fall — and every season thereafter.

There are a plethora of pieces and styles that symbolize autumn, but a button down shirt embodies the season. It’s crisp, like the leaves beneath your feet. It’s versatile, and can be worn with denim, skirts, dress pants, maxi skirts. The pairings are endless, but so is the time frame on when and where.

I am all in favor of oversized sweaters, leggings and booties, but our wardrobes beg for basics that can stick year round. There are over 2,000 photographs making up Hart’s Instagram, and through my hands-on research (comprised of myself on a continuous scrolling spree back to uploads circa 2014), I’ve seen the visual proof that button downs can be worn appropriately throughout an entire years time.

Also be sure to take note of how Hart accessorizes the shirts she wears. Sometimes she allows the patterns, often subtle statements, speak for themselves, but more often than not she’s sporting aviator shades and a messenger bag. Hipster cool status, much?

I came across Hart’s most recent upload Tuesday, and after I took a breather from fan girling over the fact that she’s in New York right now and her charming stature under the chalk-inscribed “love” graffiti on her brick wall backdrop, I was giving her my stamp of approval for a job well done in the wardrobe department. It’s the first day of fall, ladies, and now is the time to re-evaluate your autumnal style of choice.

Allow me, and Hart, to offer you a mini look book of inspiration. Check out nine of my favorite button downs courtesy of Hart’s wardrobe, and see just how perfect this trend is for fall 2015 and beyond.

1. Streamy Awards

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I love Hart because she has a bold enough personality to pair a cobalt button down, black dress pants, and fancy footwear that could only be described as a cross between bowling sneaks and pointy toe flats.

2. Flash Back Plaids

Why limit yourself to one or two colors when your entire shirt can resemble grandma's patchwork quilt? This "fancy dud" was courtesy of San Francisco menswear label Kipper Clothiers, a favorite of Hart that tailors to the specific needs of their customer.

3. Kitchen Wear

Looking a little snazzy for an episode of "My Drunk Kitchen" the YouTube sensation's coin grey button down with black floral detailing and white button contrast combines typical masculine elements with a hint of femininity. It also offsets the awkward color scheme of the coconut Popsicle in her hand. Well played.

4. Comic Con

It brings me great pleasure that Hart is a member of the universal geek squad, and even sparks a jealous flame in my heart that she attended Comic Con while I, unfortunately, never have. However, if I were to attend the event, I would emulate this exact ensemble. Somehow this woman throws together the most polished button down/sneaker combinations I have ever seen. Teach me the ways, Hart.

5. Cookin' and Fan Girlin'

Obviously this picture gives off all the feels as our favorite YouTube couple, Hart and Nilsen, give the camera a toothy grin, but also take note of how the former's denim button down brings out the striking blue coloring of her eyes.

6. Round Buttons, Square Patterns

If you're a fan of Hart, you'll notice that she has such an impeccable eye for detail. Never would I ever have paid even the slightest attention to this green shirt sprinkled with white buttons and red and white combo blocks, but on Hart, it just works.

7. Celebratory Plaid

I like to refer to this color scheme as the farmer's plaid, because these are exactly the colors I think of when someone references the wild, wild west and cowboys on tractor trailers. Take Hart's lead and throw on a pair of stunner shades and you are set.

8. Buttons and Leather

We're back to this gem of a piece, but Hart's switched it up this time around by adding a leather jacket to the equation. Consensus? Love to the infinite power.

9. Rustic

I adore Hart's androgynous looks, specifically this rustic button down that could be easily categorized as a classic. Dress it up, dress it down. Remember, denim is always in. Throw some buttons on that baby and you're on-trend.