'Scream Queens' Is Going To Be The Best Fall Show

Its premiere is still four months away, and FOX has already been slowly stoking the fires of excitement over its new show Scream Queens for what feels like YEARS. The first 12 second teaser, featuring no footage — or even cast members — from the show dropped back in February. This was followed by a series of clips featuring stars Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer chewing bubblegum. Last week, following the network's presentation at the upfronts, we finally got our first glimpse of actual footage in a 30 second teaser. Finally, the full-length Scream Queens trailer was released on Wednesday... and I can now definitively say that Scream Queens is going to be the best new TV show of Fall 2015.

It may be true that shows by Ryan Murphy (such as American Horror Story, Glee, and Nip/Tuck) may fly off the rails after a couple seasons, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy them in their exciting early years. Even before I saw the trailer, I was ready to declare Scream Queens the victor of its Tuesday night time slot, over competitors like CBS's popular procedural NCIS: New Orleans, The CW's zippy iZombie, and ABC's Marvel tie-in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now, after watching the trailer approximately a thousand times, I'm confident in declaring Murphy's zany-looking horror dramedy the victor of the whole season, thanks to these 14 killer moments.

1. This Hot Dad

And who doesn't love a hot dad? Sure, we were sad to see True Blood's Joe Manganiello leave the show due to conflicts with his Magic Mike XXL schedule, but, when his replacement is Nashville's Oliver North, it's hard to complain.

2. Keke Palmer

The former spelling champion (from 2006's Akeelah And The Bee) and Nickelodeon star (from True Jackson, VP) recently recaptured our attention with an acclaimed guest arc on Showtime's Masters Of Sex. It's great to see this talented actress nab a series regular role on such a splashy primetime project. I just hope she makes it through the season alive...

3. These Outfits

Flawless. Chanel and her minions clearly coordinate their closets.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis' Brutal Honesty

"I hate sororities, and I hate you." Tell it like it is, gurl. A show called Scream Queens simply wouldn't be complete without THE quintessential scream queen herself. The Halloween star signing onto Murphy's project is probably the single biggest vote of confidence the showrunner could have gotten. If Curtis is on board, I'm on board too.

5. Chanel's Sunglasses

Literal shade.

6. The Instantly Classic Catchphrases

"Good evening, idiot hookers!" Can't wait to use that one in a social setting.

7. Those Drinks

Raspberries in champagne? I certainly know what I'll be serving at my viewing party for the season premiere.

8. Lea Michele In A Neck Brace

That's comedy gold right there. Apparently, the former Glee star is so good in her new role as awkward pledge Hester that her co-stars had a hard time keeping a straight face. "I can’t look at Lea in a scene because she makes me laugh. She's so funny," Roberts told Entertainment Weekly. "We’ll be doing a scene where I’ll be giving everyone my death glare, and I’ll have to skip Lea because I’ll start cracking up."

9. The Creative Kills

Turns out hazing rituals and lawn mowers aren't a great match. Who knew?

10. The Villain

Every horror show needs an iconic killer in an easily recognizable mask. This one's called the Red Devil (who's actually the school's mascot), and apparently he (or she?) is out for revenge over something that happened on campus 20 years ago.

11. Ariana Grande

Wanna place bets now on how long this very special "guest star" will last?

12. Niecy Nash

The former Reno 911! star has been cracking us up lately on The Mindy Project and HBO's Getting On , and her role here as a hapless security guard looks to continue her trend of hilarious supporting characters.

13. Shirtless Nick Jonas

Need I say more?

14. Oh, And Emma Roberts Of Course

Have I not mentioned the star of the show yet? Forgive me, Chanel. Roberts' performance as witchy actress Addison Montgomery was the best thing to happen to Murphy's Coven, and, between her roles on AHS and her terrifying turn in Scream 4, she's proven that she knows her way around the genre. (Hopefully, Murphy isn't planning to surprise us with some sort of Psycho-like twist where his most famous star is the first person killed off. I will personally dress up in the Red Devil costume and stalk him in a riding mower if that turns out to be the case.)

Watch the trailer below.

Images: Steve Dietl, Screengrab (15)/FOX