Kylie Jenner Went Totally Makeup-Free

If there was ever a poster child for over-the-top makeup, it's the littlest Jenner. Recently, however, Kylie Jenner ditched the makeup and went au naturel while out and about in Los Angeles on Monday, and the bare-faced style suited her perfectly.

This is why I love Jenner. Just when you think you've got her all figured out, she pulls a fast one on us and does something completely unexpected. There's a lot more to Jenner than meets the eye, both literally and figuratively. She may flaunt a $1,500+ makeup routine, but she can also rock a naked face just as well.

The 18-year-old was spotted at a car dealership in L.A. with reported boyfriend Tyga, and she looked nearly unrecognizable. Her skin appeared as fresh and as flawless as ever, sans false lashes, coverup, and the rest of her typical beauty regimen.

The rest of Jenner's look kept with the easygoing, natural theme. She sported ultra dark locks and a much shorter mane than her recent long blonde 'do. TBH, I'm completely amazed at how quickly she switches up her hair style. Jenner dressed pretty casually too, in an oversized Yeezus long-sleeve tee shirt and laid back light wash jeans.

If I looked half as good as Jenner does bare-faced, I'd never wear makeup again.

She's definitely silencing all the haters, because she looks totally gorge.

This may come of a bit of a shock, but Jenner has actually gone makeup free before. She may not have gone 100 percent bare, but her makeup was definitely very minimal.

Exhibit A:

It looks like she is wearing a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara, but there rest of her face appears naked.

Exhibit B:

I could be wrong, but this looks like a completely makeup-free look!

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