One Direction's 5th Album Is Almost Here

by Kadeen Griffiths

Tuesday morning is a magnificent morning for One Direction fans. During a Twitter video, One Direction announced the title of their fifth album, and finally gave us a release date that formally disproved those rumors that One Direction's fifth album would have a surprise release. As much as we might want every band and artist to be Beyoncé, it's just not going to happen, guys. Let the surprise release thing go. (Unless you're Miley Cyrus or Drake. Then I guess you can try the surprise release thing, but Beyoncé will always have done it first.) So, for those who have been wondering when One Direction's fifth album comes out, hear ye, hear ye: Made In The A.M. drops on iTunes on November 13, 2015.

That means that we have just under two months to prepare ourselves for what is going to be the final One Direction album to come out before the band goes on a well-deserved hiatus to pursue other projects and emotionally come to terms with the fact that they had to say goodbye to their longtime friend and pseudo-brother Zayn Malik. We might have had six months to get used to the fact that Malik has left One Direction, but One Direction hasn't had six months to get used to the fact that Malik has left One Direction. Between going on tour, doing interviews and appearances, and working on their next album, the boys have got to be emotionally pummeled by now, so the hiatus makes sense for them.

Fans are left to try and make sense of this hiatus for themselves, but they've been remarkably understanding of the band's need to take a break so far. Sure, it'll probably hurt more when the hiatus actually happens, but Directioners have stood by the band through thick and thin, and will stick by them through the hiatus as well. I have no doubt that Nov. 13, which is a Friday, will probably see a lot of Directioners calling out sick to school and to work so they can listen to the album on repeat and have themselves a good cry. And I wouldn't blame them one bit. That's what I did when this happened to Fall Out Boy.

Check out their announcement again below.