Free People's Newest Fitness Line Is Here

The fact that this brand is selling workout clothing perfect for those intense indoor gym days just might actually be enough to get me to start exercising more often. Free People just launched FP Fit, a line meant for everything from core conditioning to kickboxing. So maybe now I’ll swap those extra fries for exercise — or maybe I’ll keep the fries and just start hitting the gym, too. I’m still working out the details.

Regardless of whether you’re already a pro gym-goer or not, this gear will have you looking like you know what you’re doing. Featuring sleek sports bras and leggings with just enough detailing to keep things interesting, this new range joins FP’s Movement brand which previously only catered to those doing yoga, dance, surfing and running. You already loved Free People for their clothing, but this brand knows what it’s doing when it comes to fitness, too. So, I mean, why would you ever shop anywhere else, you know?

See some of the pieces from the newest addition to their exercise gear and see why Free People will be your one-stop shop from here on out. Did I mention that between now and September 30th you get a two-week ClassPass trial with any purchase from FP Fit? So, get to shopping — and uh, exercising, I guess.

1. Delphine Bra

Delphine Bra, $74, FP Fit

2. The Easy Tank

The Easy Tank, $58, FP Fit

3. Turnout Leggings

Turnout Leggings, $88, FP Fit

4. Shredded Tee

Shredded Tee, $68, FP Fit

5. Layering Bra

Easy Layering Bra , $58, FP Fit

6. Harem Pant

Get Your Fitness Harem Pant, $88, FP Fit

7. Keeping Tempo Top

Keeping Tempo Top, $58, FP Fit

Get ready to take your gymwear to the next level.

Images: freepeople/Instagram (1); Free People (7)