Will & Kate Would Like The 'Suddenly Royal' Stars

by Kayla Hawkins

The Howe family had their lives overturned when David found out that, unbeknownst to his family for generations, he was the rightful heir to the small Isle of Man, an island in the Irish Sea between England, Ireland, and Scotland. And since they've embraced their newfound nobility, does the Suddenly Royal family know Prince William & Kate Middleton? Even though David claims that they received an invitation to their royal wedding, and despite their supposed close relation, it takes a lot to meet the Queen and her family. The Howes haven't even taken over the Isle of Man yet — and the property is currently held by the Queen, so that would make for some awkward small talk.

So, the Howes confirmed in an interview on Conan O'Brien's show from just before Suddenly Royal premiered that they've still yet to actually meet anyone from the real royal family, and the show has demonstrated that the transition from Maryland to the Isle of Man hasn't been the smoothest transition. But, if the Howes were to meet the Windsors, I think they'd be popular with a few of the royals. Even though the British royals can be a buttoned up, at least a few of them appreciate a good party. Here's how I think they'd react to the Howes if they ever did cross paths.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is a pretty chill monarch. She doesn't seem to do much except hang out, show up to events in her honor, and greet cute British children with a polite wave. So, for that level of engagement, I think the Howe family would have a perfectly fine encounter with the queen. Grace is a charming kid, and with all of their newfound etiquette, they wouldn't offend anyone.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband and granddad to Will & Harry, must have met people far stranger than the Howe family in his many decades as royal consort. And, as the spouse to a head of state, maybe he'd also identify with David's wife, Pam, and they could grab a pint or two to talk about how weird it is to be married to a royal.

Prince Charles

Oh, Charles. I bet he could share a few tips about how to win over the public after a rocky start. And, after the Howes' initial reception in the Isle of Man on Suddenly Royal, I think they might need it.


As a relatively recent royal, she might have a unique perspective on how to integrate into the royal family to offer the Howes.

Prince William

While Prince William doesn't seem like the partying type, as a pitch-perfect royal from birth, maybe he could provide the example for the Howes of how to be an exemplary member of the aristocracy.

Duchess Kate

With two kids under five, I bet Kate would appreciate Grace as a babysitter. And, the Cambridges seem relatively down to earth, so I'm sure they wouldn't be opposed to having tea with an American family. I've always thought that Kate must have a secret funny side — maybe David's big personality can draw it out.

Prince Harry

Harry could charm just about anyone, and one of the most fun royals. For a cool afternoon playing polo like real royalty is wont to do, Harry is your man. In fact, I think not a single member of the family is better at performing royal duties than Harry, who throws himself equally into a fancy banquet or a dance party.

Prince George

So long as the Suddenly Royal stars bring plenty of gifts and don't get mad when Prince George tosses them on the floor, I feel like the heir to the throne have no problem at all with his new cousins. Same goes for baby Princess Charlotte — maybe the Howe family should start by trying to impress their youngest relatives if they want to get into the good graces of the royal family. Although, the way Drew tells it, they were invited to the Royal Wedding — so I guess they're on the inside already.

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