11 Ways To Create A Book-Themed Wedding

by Alex Weiss

Planning a wedding is definitely exciting, but it's also a lot of work. As a former bridal consultant, maid of honor, and bridesmaid myself, I've seen too many brides get overwhelmed in the planning process. It's easy to get swept away once you've landed on a theme or color scheme, but the details are absolutely the hardest part.

If you and your fiancé(e) are loving book-nerds, you might have thought about making your wedding into a full-blown Harry Potter extravaganza or a Lord of the Rings festival. If, on the other hand having a major theme like that stresses you out, like me, don't worry. There are plenty of small, subtle ways to make your wedding all about how much you and your partner love reading.

If you have your wedding already semi-planned out via Pinterest, here are a few more ideas to get your bookish wedding planning started. By picking up a couple of the ideas below and including them in your wedding day, it'll help you incorporate the sophisticated book touch you're after. From book bouquets to bookcase altars, here are some of the most romantic book-themed wedding ideas:

Include Books In Your Engagement Photos

Pick your favorite book(s), and get creative during your photo shoot. You could even take a couple of photos in your local library, or at home near your personalized book shelves.

Make Your Save The Dates Book Themed

Create a bookmark, library card, or even a mini-book to remind your friends and family to save the upcoming date. Search around for all the options and go with the one that fits best with your vision.

Create Literary Luminaries

You can line the aisle with these, send them home with guests as gifts, or use a couple to decorate the reception area to ensure a romantic literary evening.

Pick Paper Flowers Over Real Flowers

There are a ton of adorable and customizable options on Etsy, or you could even do it yourself if you're crafty! It makes it extra special for the flowers to be made from recycled copies of your favorite books. This bouquet, unlike regular ones, will never wither away.

Don't Forget About The Boutonnieres

How adorable are these?!

Or You Could Use Books Instead

This option allows your bridesmaids to use their favorite books as a personal touch! Wrap them up in lacy ribbon and the books make for a unique alternative to a bouquet.

Stack Books For Centerpieces

This creative option makes for a gorgeous display. If you wanted to, you could theme the tables with book genres or authors. Maybe even design the kids table centerpiece with your favorite children's books!

Choose A Venue With Books

A historic library or a small independent bookstore would be the perfect place for any book-loving couple to celebrate their wedding at. This eliminates any need to go overboard with book-themed decorations since you'll be surrounded by stacks of them already.

Create A Bookcase Altar

Keep it simple or clutter it with all of your favorite books, it's all up to you! This is a super easy way to bring books into an outdoor wedding venue that'll make for some pretty amazing photos.

Design A Love Letter Cake

Personalize it with your vows or your favorite poems to each other. You could add a couple paper flowers for an extra special touch.

Or Have Cupcakes Instead

Wedding cakes are expensive, and it's not that a ton of cupcakes is cheap, but it definitely leaves more room to be versatile. You could use all of your favorite books as decorations and allow your guests to pick and choose from all of the different options. Either way, the most important part is that it tastes delicious!

Images: Martin Turner/flickr; giphy (1)