20 Magical Harry Potter Wedding Gifts To Give The Potterhead Couple In Your Life

They've had their Amortentia, they've popped the question, and now, wedding season is in full swing. (Especially now that gay couples are free to marry in all 50 states!) The pressure to find the perfect gift for the happy couple is on!

Never fear though, there are tons of great gifts out there. But since the Harry Potter generation is growing up and getting married, there are bound to be a ton of Harry Potter-themed weddings, Harry Potter lingerie, and now, Harry Potter wedding gifts! Make the couple's big day extra magical with one of these 20 Harry Potter-themed wedding gifts.

by Amy Sachs

After All This Time Champagne Flutes

All This Time Champagne Flutes, $20, Etsy

The bride in your life is sure to love these champagne flutes, dated so it’s personalized, and decorated with one of the most heart-wrenching quotes in the series.

Muggle to Mrs. Shirt

Muggle to Mrs. Shirt, $13, Etsy

This gal is a muggle no more, and proud of it! The perfect shirt for all new brides.

Catch and Keeper Pillow Cases

Quidditch Pillows, $20, Etsy

These pillow cases are the perfect addition to the home of any newly married couple.

Mischief Managed Panties

Mischief Managed Panties, $13, Etsy

What more could a Harry Potter fangirl turned bride want, after all?

His and Hers Mugs

His and Hers Mugs, $29, Etsy

You’d recognize that typeface anywhere, and so will any Harry Potter-loving couple!

Marauder's Map Flask

Marauder’s Map Flask, $20, Etsy

Hey, wedding planning can be a stressful time. Someone might need a little stress relief in the form of this Harry Potter flask. Shh, no one has to know!

King's Cross Cufflinks

King’s Cross Cuff Links, $9, Etsy

The groom should wear his fandom — I mean his heart — on his sleeve, right?

Potion Bottle of Memories

Memory Potion, $20, Etsy

Is there any day they’ll cherish more than their wedding? Probably not. Let them Potterize their memories with this gift from you.

Always Print

Always Print, $15, Etsy

The “always” quote is just perfect for weddings, what can I say?

Harry Potter Spells Ornament

Spells Ornament, $20, Etsy

Let the happy couple celebrate their first Christmas together Harry Potter-style with this paper spells ornament. So pretty.

Deathly Hallows Table Lamps

Quidditch Mailbox

Quidditch Mailbox, $72, Etsy

I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to get the mail every day when this is waiting for them?

Handmade Wedding Broom

Wedding Broom, $32, Etsy

A broom to fly away on! Well, kind of.

Deathly Hallows Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters, $5, Etsy

Couple who bake together, stay together, right? That’s the saying I’ve always heard.

Harry Potter Chest of Drawers

Maruader’s Map Chest of Drawers, $65, Etsy

A small chest of drawers that’s made for for jewelry in a new couple’s home.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Click Here To Buy

Learning to make magical meals together is clearly the beginning of a long and happy marriage.

Customizable Weasley Locator Clock

Weasley Clock, $58, Etsy

This is not a drill! This is a real thing. That you can buy! You can make someone’s house like The Burrow, for real.

Hogwarts Crest Etched Wine Glasses

Etched Wine Glasses, $77, Etsy

Cheers to the happy couple with the best wine glasses around.

Golden Snitch Ring Holder

Golden Snitch Ring Holder, $23, Etsy

Obviously the rings will be on their fingers after the big day, but this is a gift they’ll love forever — the catch of a lifetime.

Harry Potter Wood Burned Spoons

Harry Potter Wood Burned Spoons, $76, Etsy

Make their house a home with this custom kitchen set. Cook up some magic, anyone?