Chanel #2 May Have Tricked Us On 'Scream Queens'

by Caitlin Flynn

We're only one episode into Scream Queens, and it already looks like one of the Chanels (Number 2, to be precise) has gotten the axe at the hands of the Red Devil. It's kind of a bummer that Ariana Grande was killed off Scream Queens , because now her poor character will never be a network news anchor like she (and pretty much every other Kappa sister) dreamed of. After the killer broke into her room, at least he was kind enough to text her a warning: "I'm going to kill you now." And, not to be judgmental or anything because I've never come face to face with a masked killer, but was writing a long-winded social media update really the best way to alert friends she was in trouble? Did she really need to specify that "I let the Red Devil into my room" when a simple "HELP!" would have sufficed? Come on, No. 2! I'm guessing those questions won't be answered, but here's one that will — is Chanel No. 2 really dead?

Things definitely looked pretty bleak last time we saw her. She used her last ounce of strength to hit "enter" on her status update (way to be a trooper!), then the other Chanels put her body in the meat locker — because that plan worked so well last time there was a dead body in the Kappa house. But, ending up in the locker doesn't necessarily mean a character is dead. We still don't know whether Ms. Bean is alive or if someone moved her body, but Boone (aka Nick Jonas) reappeared after an apparent death, and the same could happen with Chanel No. 2. I'd venture a guess that next time the Kappa sisters check the locker, her body will have disappeared just like every other character thus far.

Whether she's dead or alive (for now), it looks like we haven't seen the last of Chanel No. 2. According to IMDB, Grande is slated to appear in four episodes this season, and showrunner Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that they worked around her schedule, which would definitely indicate more screentime than simply the premiere episode. These appearances could simply be flashbacks, and the limited number of episodes indicates that even if she evaded death this time, Chanel No. 2 will probably meet a grim end eventually. (Or she does make it home like she planned... but that's not as exciting!)

If Chanel No. 2 does reappear, hopefully she'll be able to provide some clues to the Kappa sisters and the security guards hired to protect them. Sure, she didn't see the Red Devil's face or hear his voice, but you never know what she could have seen or heard after she got stashed in the locker.

Images: Steve Dietl/FOX; Giphy