Sophie Turner Shows Her Funny Side On Instagram

Sophie Turner has stolen many fans' hearts with her fantastic portrayal of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. Since 2011, the actress has been on the top of her game with HBO's crazy popular fantasy series. And the talented Brit has stretched her acting muscles with many other film and television opportunities, including the television film The Thirteenth Tale, and most recently, the new X-Men movie, which is due out in 2016. But did you know that Sophie Turner also has some funny social media posts?

From posting relatable quips about drunk girls you meet in bar bathrooms to sharing strange selfies with her friends and coworkers, Turner is cracking up her followers on Instagram on a regular basis. The 19-year-old's career as an actress may not focus on comedy, but that does not mean that she does not know how to make a joke — or even make herself the butt of a joke in some cases. In fact, a quick glance at her page will tell you that quite the opposite is true. So, if you find yourself in need of a good chuckle, it's worth checking out some of Turner's funniest social media posts.

Drunk Girls In Bathrooms

Hasn't everyone wondered this at some point? Well, if you haven't before, you certainly have now, thanks to Turner.

Caught Looking

It's hard to decide what the best part of this picture is—the facial expression, the half-eaten lollipop, or the caption.

Hands Off

The actress definitely does not want anyone touching her things. Nothing gets a message across like scrawling it in permanent marker, right?


Well, it's a good thing she cleared that one up. People might have been worried otherwise.

Very Close For Comfort

Turner gives all celebrities who take weird selfies a run for their money with this hilarious yet cringe-inducing snap she posted from San Diego Comic Con.

No Chill?

No one is entirely sure what is going on in this photo, possibly including the people in the frame itself. And definitely including that pet.

Thumbs Up

At least the weather's not bothering her.

The Probably Devoured Friend

It is a safe bet to make that this "friend" is probably long gone. But what an odd friend he was!

Goodbyes To Friends

Somehow, Turner manages to make a tough goodbye with a close friend (always a bummer) into an opportune moment of hilarity.

Clearly, Turner is a funny personality to follow on Instagram. And honestly, who doesn't need a virtual joke to make them smile while looking though the feed? She can help you with that.