You Can Buy Penny's Pink Wedding Dress

by Julia Guerra

Big Bang Theory fans are still celebrating the moment they’ve all been waiting for. Penny and Leonard got married in Vegas Monday, and for those of you still cleaning up the wedding bell confetti off your living room rug, you’re not alone. The ceremony was as romantic as it can get on a whim in Vegas. Leonard’s vows were adorably nerd-tastic, and Penny touched our hearts by quoting Toy Story’s anthem “You’ve Got A Friend In Me.” But before the vows came the unveiling of Penny’s wedding dress, and I can honestly say that, given the circumstances, I was not disappointed.

I’m still deciding whether or not the dress fit her bubbly character. I was actually envisioning Penny in more of a mermaid gown with a deep neckline, but I guess considering the wedding venue, and who she is as Penny plus Leonard, I'll deem it appropriate.

Blush pink is one of those shades that just looks so good on a wide range of skin tones, and the cocktail dress’s black shoulder straps and belt detail offset the warm tone tastefully. I could definitely see Penny getting multiple uses out of this piece. It could be worn to various occasions: dinner parties, outdoor weddings, proms, etc. If there is anything I love more than a hopelessly flawed love story, it’s wearable TV fashion.

I had never taken Penny for a white-wedding kind of gal, but I wasn’t expecting pink. However, it tickled my fancy quite a bit.

Check out below how you can get Penny's wedding dress. Wear it around the house, out to dinner, going to prom — or in your living room pretending to say "I do" to Mr. Hofstadter.

Penny's Dress

BCBG Bianca Sleeveless Ruffle Dress, $199.00,

This is Penny's exact wedding dress and it is on sale now. If you're in love, take advantage while it lasts.

Similar Styles

Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress, $79.99,

Granted Penny's dress didn't have a metallic shine, but if you're going for a light pink sleeveless dress with minimal black detailing, this option is gorgeous. The flair at the bottom gives the piece a hint of flirtation, white the black bow and net finish provide enough detail for a little more depth to the the solid pink.

Whisper Pink Georgette Halter Dress, $199.99,

If the actual style of the dress is where your preference lies, check out this gorgeous, sleeveless dress from Ann Taylor. The straps trimming the high neckline and shell bodice give it a romantic feel, while the skirt is loose and flowing.

Images: CBS (1), Courtesy Brands (3)