7 Brands Doing Plus Size Fashion Just Right

When it comes to plus size fashion, this brand new label definitely knows what’s up. Universal Standard offers modern clothing that’s high quality and high style, but doesn’t require you to have a large budget. It’s effortlessly cool, and it’s aim is to fill a void for minimalists style on the market. Well, they can definitely check that goal off of their list— because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

“What’s out there is lacking a modern sensibility. There are more and more players coming into the field, but they all pander to either curvy girls’ uber-sexy boobaliciousness, or a quite conservative ‘aunt who dresses nicely in slacks’ sensibility,” one of the co-founders, Alexandra Waldman, told Refinery29.

And this brand is hitting somewhere right in the middle of sexy and sophisticated, delivering sleek clothing options that many women would want to wear. It sells size 10 to 28, so add this brand to your list of best places to shop because it has joined the likes of Melissa McCarthy Seven7 and other brands that are doing plus size right. Check out what Universal Standard has to offer, along with these other brands that produce clothing that make every body type look and feel great.

1. Universal Standard

Corbelle Zip Sweater, $130, Universal Standard

I mean, just look at how this model is styled. It just doesn't get cooler than that.

2. Seven7

Bow Neck Tunic Blouse, $89, Nordstrom

This top is just so chic, plus it can easily be dressed up or down.

3. ASOS Curve

Denim Pinafore Dress, $57.33, ASOS Curve

You can find everything from casual wear to evening wear within this brand.

4. Addition Elle

Lace and Satin Padded Bra, $70, Addition Elle

I'm all about whatever Ashley Graham is about, and if that's classy lingerie, then so be it.

5. Lane Bryant

Jersey Layered Dress, $69.95, Lane Bryant

This brand is just killing it in the style department

6. SmartGlamour

The Joan Sheath Dress, $65, SmartGlamour

With an inclusive size range, there's nothing not to love about this brand's dresses, skirts and more.

7. Punyus

Big Stadium Varsity Jacket, $83.17, Punyus

If Lena Dunham's a fan of this quirky brand, then so am I.

Start shopping these fashionable brands because when it comes to knowing what women want to wear, nobody does it quite like this.

Images: Courtesy Brands (8)