Will Vicki Discuss Brooks' Cancer At The Reunion?

With Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County coming to a close soon, the reunion is right around the corner and so is a lot more drama. Like with all Housewives reunions, major events and issues that occurred throughout the season will be discussed. With that said, will Vicki talk about Brooks' cancer at the reunion? There's no doubt it will be brought up, since it's been a huge "scandal" this season, not to mention the fact that everyone seems to think there's a good chance Brooks is faking such a serious illness. As for whether Vicki will discuss her now ex-boyfriend's cancer, well, the chances are very high that she'll avoid it all costs — like she does most drama, especially when it involves herself.

As RHOC fans have watched over the past decade, Vicki doesn't like other people talking about her family, her friends, or her men and whether her love tank is being filled. However, ever since Brooks came on the scene, his so-called shadiness and dislike by Vicki's friends (aka Tamra Judge) and family (especially her daughter Briana) has caused a lot of tension between Vicki and those she cares about deeply. Every time she turns a corner, the 53-year-old is continuously defending Brooks, like with his cancer during Season 10. However, Vicki usually gets to a point where she refuses to talk about Brooks and any drama surrounding him. She doesn't want to deal with it. Really, all she's been asking for is respect, civility, and a little bit of acceptance from others.

So, yeah, don't expect her to discuss Brooks' cancer in detail. I have a feeling now that they're broken up, she will want to continue to respect Brooks' personal issues by leaving it out of the spotlight and not giving into the "lies" the other Housewives continue to discuss.

Here are a few ways I expect Vicki to react to the "Brooks does or doesn't have cancer" topic of conversation at the RHOC reunion.

She Might Throw Out Insults

She Might Get Really Angry

She Might Meet Her Breaking Point

She Might Threaten The Other Ladies

She Might Get All Religious

She Might Walk Off Set

There you have it. Six typical Vicki reactions that she'll probably bust out during the reunion.

Images: realitytvgifs (6)/Tumblr