12 Autumn Decorations That Aren't Cheesy

by Rebecca Deczynski

Besides being the best season for coffee beverages (at long last, pumpkin spice latte!), fall is one of the best times of year for festive decor — but it’s not all scarecrows and cornucopias. In fact, autumn decor doesn’t have to be cheesy at all, and I love looking to Etsy to find some seriously chic pieces to add to my home. Seasonal decorations are hard to resist — especially when they give you some major interior decorating clout.

These 12 fall decorations will help you embrace the equinox, and add a bit of autumnal flair to your home. Whether you order a cute throw pillow or simply burn a pretty (and delicious-smelling) candle, your apartment will thank you. And if you also decide to pick up a pumpkin and a couple of gourds at your local farmer's market, your home will become a fall wonderland almost instantly.

With options this stylish, you don’t need to just deck out your apartment with basic fall decor. Plastic pumpkins and leaves are decor of the past. Besides, investing in some cute decorations you’ll actually want to pull out each year will make you feel like more of an adult (and they might even convince you to get that storage unit you’ve been saying you would get). It’s not quite time to fully deck the halls, but you can certainly welcome the new season with these pretty picks.

1. White Crocheted Pumpkins

Finally, pumpkins that actually look sleek alongside your minimalist decor.

Crocheted pumpkins, $18,

2. Autumnal Pom Garland

This garland is perfectly grown-up — no need to throw a party to get a little festive.

Garland, $19.75,

3. Maple Leaf Coasters

Protect your precious coffee table with coasters that will keep things looking cozy.

Coasters, $28 for four,

4. Tree Slice Art

A touch of whimsy makes any room feel a little more homey.

Tree slice, $19.99,

5. Fall Art Print

There's no excuse to not at least hang up some autumnal art. You can bring this image out at home.

Art print, $5,

6. Felted Mini Pumpkins

Make your own pumpkin patch with these cute minis.

Pumpkins, $19.50,

7. Teacup Hazelnut Candle

This candle looks as sweet as it smells.

Candle, $14,

8. Wall Flag

If you're not quite feeling a wreath, this banner makes a cute alternative.

Wall flag. $20,

9. Pumpkin Pillow

The PSL of pillows.

Pillow, $24,

10. Autumnal Wreath

This isn't your mother's holiday wreath.

Wreath, $20,

11. Fall Balloons

Throw a seasonal soirée with the help of these bright gold balloons.

Balloons, $36,

12. Pumpkin Spice Mug

Your roommate can't possibly complain when you leave your mug out if it looks this cute.

Mug, $15,