Revamp Your Home This Fall With 9 Autumnal Ideas

If fall is your favorite time of year, then you know that there is no place that fall-inspired items should not have a place in your life. This includes, of course, fall inspired home decor, fall fashion, fall movies, fall books. I could go on. Autumn is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I mean, what's not to love about the season? The woodland walks spent crunching through multicolored leaves, the cosy nights in with a great TV series and tasty comfort food — I could go on. But back to fall home decorating, which is one of the most fun parts of all.

If you're a serious fall fan and/or a gal who's into her interior design, then you may wish to give your home a revamp with the changing of the seasons. There's something exciting about packing away your nautical inspired decorations and beach combing treasures to make room for some awesome autumn pieces. Don't worry if you're a little tight on cash, though, if you enjoy DIY and crafting, there are plenty of ways you can turn your home into a fall wonderland without having to shell out a lot of cash. Here you will find ideas to suit every budget, from thrifty craft projects to autumnal artwork, there are sure to be something to get your inner interior designer's creative juices flowing.

Make your house (or apartment) a home this season with gorgeous, fall inspired interior ideas to bring the outside in.

1. DIY Leafy Mason Jars

This lovely craft idea from Spark & Chemistry is a super easy and thrifty way to add a little autumnal ambience to your home. All you need is a mason jar (or jars) leaves, Mod Podge, rafia, and an optional sponge brush for application. Your crafty creation is a great way to add a little warmth to your home this fall.

2. Autumn Wreaths

Autumn Harvest – Stunning Hydrangea & Artichoke Wreath, $89.99, Etsy

Autumn wreaths are a great way to add seasonal cheer to your home. Depending on your desired design, they can also bring a lot of luscious color to your interior color palette. You can choose to make your autumn wreath by carefully collecting natural elements from the outdoors and then following an autumn wreath tutorial from Pinterest or from your favorite crafty blogger. If you're not really the DIY type, don't worry, you can buy a ready made wreath online such as this gorgeous, autumn leaf style from Etsy.

3. Candles

Yankee Candle 22-Ounce Jar Candle, $21.27, Amazon

One of the simplest ways to add an instant injection of fall into your pad is by lighting a candle that smells like fall. As a Brit and a lover of nice smelling candles, I had heard that Yankee Candle was the go-to company for seductively scented candles. After inhaling their intoxicatingly wonderful (and rather realistic) scents I was hooked. This particular scent of "Autumn Leaves" sings to my fall loving heart like no other candle could.

4. Throw Pillows

Fall Time Throw Pillow, $38, Etsy

A super simple way to revamp your interiors at any time of year is by investing in seasonal throw pillows. There are a variety of autumnal designs out there at the moment but I fell in love with this nostalgic pillow that not only features an autumnal color scheme, but also includes a design featuring some of my favorite fall things.

5. Knitted Decorations

5 Knitted Pumpkins, $55, Etsy

If you love getting your craft on, why not create some delightful, fall inspired decorations that you can keep forever and bring out year after year? There are an array of knitting blogs out there which can give you guidance and some even offer free patterns. If knitting is not your thing, give felting a shot. Needle felting is a craft that involves using a needle to pull and lock felt fibres together in order to create your desired design. The possibilities are rather endless and you can find a lot of advice and tips online from felting vloggers and felting blogs. Although if you dislike crafting or perhaps don't have the time or patience to craft your own fall decorations, then not to worry as there are lots of alternatives that you can shop online for like these darling knitted pumpkins.

6. Autumnal Prints

New York Central Park Autumn Retro Travel Print, $62.51, notonthehighstreet

Perhaps you're an aspiring artist or illustrating is one of your favorite ways to spend your free time. If so, you could create a fabulous fall inspired piece of art to hang in your home. The same can be said for photography — if taking pictures is one of your hobbies, display your work or your most cherished autumnal snaps for all of your friends and family to see. If like me, your skills in art are limited to drawing stick people, then there are many beautiful prints and pieces of autumnal art to be found in stores and online. This particular piece featuring Central Park is a great addition to the home of anyone who lives in (or is in love with) New York. If you're after something a little more unusual, look to your favorite artists and instead of choosing an original artwork, pick a more purse-friendly print. One of my favorite artists is the master of girlish whimsy, Camilla d’Errico. Her "Tortoise Refuge" print featuring a fox and a doe-eyed girl in a tortoise shell hat would make a lovely addition to a fall inspired home.

7. Autumn Banners

Autumn Bunting, $23.03, notonthehighstreet

Add a touch of woodland nostalgia to your home with some delightful, autumn inspired bunting. If you feel confident in your sewing skills, feel free to choose some fall themed material from a local haberdashery or Walmart's online store and follow a bunting tutorial. Sewing not your strong point? Pick up some pretty fall inspired bunting such as the gorgeous garland above.

8. Decorative Autumn Leaves

Set Of Eight Decorative Autumn Leaves, $9.21, notonthehighstreet

Do you adore having your friends and family over for dinner? Set the table with attractive autumnal leaf decorations. These multi-purpose faux leaves can be used to add a sprinkling of seasonal style to any room as they can adorn tables, bedroom dressers, or plain walls to give a room some autumnal spirit.

9. Fall Doormats

Where There's a Quill There's a Way Doormat, $34.99, Modcloth

A non-fuss way of adding an autumnal feel to your abode is through the addition of an autumnal doormat. Guests will be impressed upon entering your place, that the fall theme has been set as soon as they walk over the threshold. Plus this hedgehog design is totally cute.

What better way to prepare for the change in seasons then to fall head over heels for autumn inspired interiors this season and celebrate colder weather, colorful leaves, and hot beverages by making your home a fall wonderland?

Images: Spark & Chemistry; Courtesy Brands